6th Lord in Different Houses

6th Lord in Different Houses

The 6th lord in different houses reacts according to the house it is placed in; for example, if it is placed in the 10th house, it means native will face many enemies and competitors in their professional life, and they will see many ups and downs at their workplace, and all the significances of the 6th house will connect native’s professional life. The energy of the 6th house lord and that particular house is mixed. If the lord sits in a friendly or own house, it gives good results, but if it sits in an enemy house, it gives unfavourable results.  

Each of the 12 signs is a natural ruler of a particular house. A planet rules each sign, and that planet is referred to as the ruler or lord of that house. 

The 6th house represents enemies, diseases, litigation, competitions, daily life routine, unprivileged people—small animals, etcetera. It will affect native’s life to a great extent. If the lord of the 6th house is placed in any of the 12 houses, it will change the result accordingly.

6th Lord in Different Houses

6th House Lord in 1st House

Native is a complicated and self-critical person, With more tendency to see the flaws in life than the good. Possibly they suffer from some health-related problems on and off due to the accumulation of different dysfunctions in the mind’s physiology. 

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6th House Lord in 2nd House

Native is pretty economical because their critical mind is very aware of the fluctuation or accumulations of resources in their life. Therefore they pay great detailed attention and interest to their work, and they will, with such diligence, accumulate substantial income.

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6th House Lord in 3rd House

They face negative self-criticism, irritation, and lack of hope may hold back on their initiative to act to fulfil their desires. They are more aware of the limitations that the possibilities take away from the courage needed to forge ahead and succeed. 

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6th House Lord in 4th House

When the lord of the 6th house is in the 4th house, their need for comfort and inner security is often threatened by irritable self-criticism that they bring onto themselves. Their self-image may be distorted and weak, and therefore it appears complex for them to be content and comfortable with themselves.

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6th House Lord in 5th House

Native’s mind is often restless and irritated, particularly when they find that they can’t access the learning or information they seek. They may pay more attention to what’s wrong than what goes right. Their finances constantly fluctuate, and they may have difficulty relating to their children.

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6th House Lord in 6th House

Lord of 6th house in 6th house native has an excellent ability to survive obstacles and overcome oppression. Any competitor or enemy keeps a close eye on them, but in the end, they are the one who is likely to overcome their opponents.

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6th House Lord in 7th House

They may find themselves in an unnecessary argument with their spouse, something that staffed as a limitation but escalated into a fight. And even if they hide their irritation, it may subliminally get transmitted to their spouse, giving rise to a new offence. 

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6th House Lord in 8th House

Mentally they are often vulnerable to annoying irritability. They may often be frustrated because they cannot get what they want. Then again, what they want may not be in their reach at all, and it might be another person’s property.

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6th House Lord in 9th House

They may feel frustrated when pursuing higher education, and they may feel tremendously criticized by their teacher. Gaining higher education may be a source of suffering for them, and the same applies to religious studies, philosophy, and ethics.

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6th House Lord in 10th House

Native uses their critical mind quite a bit to succeed in their career. It may need hard work and a lapse of time, but in the end, they will succeed in creating a professional reputation for themselves. They will still have many opponents, competitors, and critics who may disturb the success process, but they will likely overcome them.

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6th House Lord in 11th House

They may find that many of their opportunities for gaining resources are through their opponents or competitors. Surprising as it may seem, they are likely to earn well through these avenues. 

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6th House Lord in 12th House

There is a possibility that they have hidden rivals or enemies that work against them without them knowing. They may also experience a hopeless irritation, often without knowing why or where it is coming from. 

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