7th Lord in Different Houses

7th Lord in Different Houses

The 7th lord in different houses reacts according to the house it is placed in; for example, if it is placed in the 9th house, it means the native’s spouse will form far away and will be very spiritual and well educated. All the significance of the 9th house will connect native’s married life. The energy of the 7th house lord and that particular house is mixed. If the lord sits in a friendly or own house, it gives good results, but if it sits in an enemy house, it gives unfavourable results.  

Each of the 12 signs is a natural ruler of a particular house. A planet rules each sign, and that planet is referred to as the ruler or lord of that house. 

The 7th house represents marriage, spouse, relationship, business, business partners, marketplace, dependency on others, diplomacy, agreements. It will affect native’s life to a great extent. If the lord of the 7th house is placed in any of the 12 houses, it will change the result accordingly.

7th Lord in Different Houses

7th House Lord in 1st House

There may be hesitation to act in some of their endeavours. Perhaps they are too dependent on the opinions of others. They form relationships quickly and straightforwardly.

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7th House Lord in 2nd House

They are attracted to knowledgeable people, who may gain considerably from such an association. Their spouse may be pretty wealthy. They may tend to procrastinate. 

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7th House Lord in 3rd House

They may be very skilful, crafty, and possess artistic abilities. They may seek partnerships with very enterprising people and have a good initiative. 

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7th House Lord in 4th House

They are likely to be attracted to people who give them comfort and security. They like genuine interactions, loyal to their friends and relatives, cherishing good moral values and religious standards.

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7th House Lord in 5th House

They are pretty romantic, and they will seek an honourable, knowledgeable, and well-respected partner. With their marriage, many opportunities will open up for them. 

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7th House Lord in 6th House

People with problems, mental, physical, or both, hold a particular attraction to these natives. This is one of the things they either consciously or unknowingly, look for in others. Therefore they might be pretty concerned with solving other people’s problems.

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7th House Lord in 7th House

They put a great deal of emphasis on relationships in their life. In marriage, they would like their spouse to be as devoted to them as they are. Their spouse is likely to be very wholesome, healthy and robust. 

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7th House Lord in 8th House

There may be a tendency in them to keep their relationships a secret, seek out partners in mysterious places, or where secrecy is in the air. Relationships may constantly need to go through several challenges, obstacles and transformations. 

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7th House Lord in 9th House

They seek out and are attracted to knowledgeable, scholarly and virtuous people. Relationships will always be a great source of experience and knowledge in their life, and they will meet a wide range of people. 

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7th House Lord in 10th House

They have an affinity towards assertive and career-oriented individuals. They likely meet their spouse in a workplace, and the marriage could be pretty oriented around work, status, success and reputation. 

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7th House Lord in 11th House

They like open and optimistic people who open up the world of possibilities and opportunities to them. They want playful romantic adventures, and their marriage will be happy. Therefore they are likely to gain well financially from their partnerships.

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7th House Lord in 12th House

They may seek out and get attracted to persons who are unusual in some way or come from a place very different from them. There is quite possible that they will experience a loss in a relationship, perhaps due to confusion or dullness of some sort, or because their world was so alien to the spouse, and vice versa.

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