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Lord of 7th House in 12th House in Astrology

You may seek out and get attracted to persons who are unusual in some way or come from a place very different from yours. There is quite possible that you will experience a loss in a relationship, perhaps due to confusion or dullness of some sort, or because your world was so alien to the spouse, and vice versa. The lesson here might be selfless and sincere service in the relationship.

What is meant by Sign (Rashi) Lord or Sign (Rashi) Lordship in Astrology?

  • The Sign (Rashi) lordships of the Planets play a vital role in the interpretation of the birth chart. It is essential to understand its principles thoroughly.
  • We have seen that each Sign (Rashi) has a planetary ruler. We have also seen that each Sign (Rashi) corresponds to a house (bhava). Whatever is the ruler of the Rashi becomes the ruler of the corresponding house.
  • The ruler of the house (bhava) fully represents the house. Wherever the house ruler is placed, it will cause an effect according to the nature of the one or two houses it rules.
  • Even though we said that the ruler fully represents the house, the way the influence is delivered varies greatly depending on the Planets (Graha), the ruler.
  • The actual effects of the Planet are a mix of its characteristics and of the house(s) it rules.

Description of Lord of 7th House in 12th House in Vedic Astrology

  • Parashara Hora: The native will incur penury, be a miser, and his livelihood will be related to clothes. His wife will be a spendthrift.
  • Satya Jatakam: With Shubha Yoga, he will enjoy many women for some time. He may meet with his death in a foreign country. If there be an Ashubha Yoga, he will lose his wife early, or he may live as a bachelor or maybe thinking about other women lying in his bed.
  • Sanketa Nidhi: Mean, greedy wife, a daughter of a thief and penniless person, livelihood by sale of clothes, a friend of low-class people.
  • Phala Jyotisha: Has the daughter of his servant as his wife, a miser, poor, without a penny, and lives on with a piece of cloth on his body.