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What is Sun in Astrology? What does Sun Represent in Astrology?

Sun in Astrology represents the Soul, so it tells us how conscious we are of our soul’s unbounded, enlightened nature. A Sun that is very well placed in the chart can indicate a particular clarity about spiritual matters, and an unperturbed sense of who we are deep inside. Having this “solar light” shining brightly brings self-confidence, personal power, leadership and health.

When Sun is in a challenging position in Astrology, this light will not shine as much, and it is hard for the individual to trust that the core of their being is the individualized reflection of the divine light. Not experiencing the connection with one’s own inner source of power will then lead to weak self-confidence, challenging relationships with authorities, and difficulty in balancing one’s ego with that of others.

What is Sun in Vedic Astrology Vidhya Mitra
Sun in Astrology | Vidhya Mitra Vedic Astrology

Surya (the Sun) in Vedic Astrology represents your Father, The King, The Government, Power, Authority, Your Soul, and the way you come out to people, and how bright your light shines depends upon the condition of your Sun. Sun controls the vital energy within you which drives your success, self-expression, an indicator of career, confidence, and leadership skills. Sun in Astrology is also the (Karaka) of profession or work.

GrahaVedas SignificatorsExternal Object RepresentedInternal Object RepresentedQualities Represented
SunRoyalLeaders & AuthoritiesTalent for LeadershipLeadership, Aristocratic, Authoritative, Fatherly
MoonRoyalHigh Ranking People having a Nurturing Role MotherAbility to rule in a caring & supporting way, Nurturing SkillsCaring of groups, Motherly
MarsArmy ChiefCEO, Commander, Chief of OperationsAbility to Command others, Executive SkillsCommanding Ability to get others to do work
MercuryPrinceDiplomats, Secretary to Highly Placed People, Carefree People of Hight StatusDiplomatic Skills and Access to Highly Placed People in generalMediating, Playfulness, Curiocity
JupiterMinisterJudges, Advisors, Scholars, Professors, ExpertsAbility to Judge and Advise others, Ability to master a knowledgeWise, Scholarly, Advising, Consulting
VenusMinisterCounsellors, Advisors, RepresentativesThe ability to create harmony among people, the ability to relate to others pleasantlyHarmonizing, Understanding, Representative
SaturnServentEmployees, Helpers, Servent, AssistantsThe ability to serve others, our draw to most basic values in lifeServing, Involved to Basic Value Work, Hardwork
RahuArmyPeople that rebel and break boundaries, people that are not part of the communityThe wild side in us, Intense desiresHard to Contain, Unpredictable

What Does Sun in Astrology Signify

  • When talking about the Sun in Astrology, we think of heat, power, life, and energy.
  • At the Vedic Astrology level, the Sun is Jyotish or the soul of a person. As the saying goes, "Home is where the heart is.” The Sun represents where your heart lies in your chart.
  • The Sun in astrology represents your father or father figures, government, politics, creativity, leadership, ego, and your soul. We have used “ego” and “soul” in one sentence even though those two words are miles apart in their approach to life. The conjunction between ego and soul comes into play with the planets.
  • The soul needs a shell or a suit in order to survive on this plain, and the ego becomes that perfectly fitted suit for the soul. On earth, the soul becomes a delicate entity that needs protection so no one can hurt her. She is female because the soul is a divine goddess, and this entire universe was created by female energy.
  • The Sun is Vedic Astrology is our ego and the soul becomes the manager of these two aspects of our life. The level of ego versus the level of humility is determined by the position and condition of the Sun in our horoscope. The Sun is fire and heat.
  • The Sun in Astrology is your vitality and controls the zodiac sign of Leo, which is everything that the lion represents in a jungle. This is why we call him “King of the jungle.” Whenever the Sun comes into conjunction with other planets, he increases the influence of that planet versus when the Moon is in conjunction. The Moon gets influenced by other planets because the Moon is a receptor and Sun is the leader.
  • The Sun in conjunction Signifies the Qualities of other planets that are in conjunction with the sun. For example, Sun in conjunction with Saturn will increase the qualities of Saturn. If the Sun is in conjunction with Mars, then he will increase the qualities of Mars (assuming that these conjunctions are not combust in one’s horoscope).
  • If you see a symbol of a bomb next to a planet with the Sun in your birth chart, it usually means it's combust. Combust planets lose all their qualities and are unable to give any result from such a placement. It becomes indifferent. During the Dasha of a planet that is combust, one will feel lost and unsatisfied.

Prediction of Sun in 12 Different Houses in Astrology

Karakatwas of the Sun in Astrology

  • Karaka is the reason for happening events in life whereas Karakatwas is the domain of the planet for delivering things. For example- Venus is Karaka of Marriage whereas Karakatwas of Venus is Marriage.
  • As per Uttara Kalamrita Vedic Textbook, Sun in Astrology is the Karakatwas for: Soul, self-realization, power, good strength, courage, valor, enthusiasm, fortress, kingdom, the lordship of the whole country, land, intense severity, capture of the enemy, fire, heat, splendor, worship of Siva, bitterness, hostility, old age, cattle, wickedness, father, king, being in royal favor, public life, looking at the sky, one born of a timid person, world of mortals, square, grass, the stomach, forest, eye, eye disease, thorned trees, wandering in or over the hills, traveling, quadruped, bite, scorch, circular shape, timber, mental purity, body, freedom from disease, bone, disease in the head, taste, ornaments, pearls, ruler of the sky (control over airspace), short stature (like a dwarf), lord of the East, copper, blood, a red cloth, a stone, shore of a river, coral, strong at mid-day, Eastern direction, mouth, long standing anger, satvika (pure), red chandan or saffron, thick or coarse yarn.

Health and Physiology Significance of Sun in Astrology

Sun in Astrology has the following health significance on the following: The sun signifies bones. It also signifies high fever dominated by vile bile, burning of the whole body, epilepsy, heart disease eye-trouble, danger from enemies, skin disease, lucaria (Astthisruti), danger from wood, fire, weapon, and position, trouble to one's wife, children and fear of quadrupeds, thief, the sovereign, the Good Yama, serpent God Siva - all these may be caused by the Sun.The Sun causes death through fire high fever, bile or weapon. The Sun governs sight (along with Mars). The Sun represents the right eye. The above mentioned things will happen or not will depend if Sun is placed Good or Bad in your Birth Chart.

Muhurat Significance of Sun in Astrology

On the day presided over by the Sun who passes through the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th house from the natal Moon, or is posited in the ascendant at the time: Work connected with the following things may be undertaken to achieve success: Gold, copper, horse, wood, bones, skin, woolen articles, mountain, tree, the perfume Tvac (cassia bark), shell (unguis odoratus), serpent, thief, weapons, forest, cruel deeds, service of kings, coronation of kings, medicine, silk, trade (or jungle products), cowherd, desert physician, stone, fraud, spotless ones, famous ones, heroes, those famous for fighting, marchers and fire.

Dasha Significance of Sun in Astrology

From the results predicted for dashas (planetary periods) we can learn additional favorable and unfavorable significations and associations.

  • During Sun's auspicious Dasha or Antardasha, During the Sun's auspicious Dasha or Antardasha period, one acquires wealth by dealing in fragrant scents, nails, ivory articles, hides, e.g., tigers' and other hides, and gold, or one will get wealth by cruel deeds, by extracting taxes from throughfares, through kings, or battles. One becomes cruel, of firm and patient disposition, incessantly active and enterprising, gets fame and prosperity by one's own exertion and valor.
  • During Sun's inauspicious Dasha or Antardasha: During the Sun's inauspicious Dasha or Antardasha one gets calamities through one's wife, children, one's own wealth, enemies, weapons, fire, or kings. One is also prone to be munificent for a good cause in auspicious Dashas and for bad purposes in case of inauspicious Dashas. One is addicted to vices, quarrels with one's own servants, and will become afflicted in mind and will be liable to be attacked with chest diseases and those of the belly.

Description of Planet Sun in Astrology

  • According to Parashara: Sun's eyes are honey coloured. He has a square body. He is of clean habits, bilious, intelligent and has limited hair (on his head).
  • According to Horasara:
    Sun's body is square; his eyes are pink in colour and he has sparse hair on his body and head. He does not live for a long time in one place. He is of lazy disposition. His knees are weak. He has a pleasing face and delivers pleasing speech.
  • According to Saravali: The Sun has curly hair, sharp mind, prominent appearance, majestic voice, and is not very tall. His eyes are honey colored. He is courageous, steady, and of a complexion which has a mix of red and green. His feet are not conspicuous (i.e. small in size). He is bilious and has sturdy bones. He is great and majestic. He has fiery rays and square body, and wears saffron colored apparels.
  • According to Phala Deepika: The sun is of a bilious temperament and is strong in bones in the body. He has a limited quantity of hair, and possesses a dark-red form. He has eyes of a reddish brown colour. He is clad in red and has a square - built body. He is valiant and wrathful, and has massive arms.
  • According to Sarvartha Chintamani: The Sun has a square body. Its color is dark red, the luster of his eyes is yellow, has the body humor of bile, is of average length in bodily stature, has prowess, is satvik in nature, has very little hair, is intimately linked to causing movements, possesses a speech which gives meaning in very few words, gives very little, and his intellect is divinely oriented.

Characteristics of Sun in Astrology

DescriptionCharming, splendorous physique, excellent or great in disposition, charming eyes, a poet, phlegmatic and windy, curly hair
PersonalityPerson of 50 Years
NatureMild Benefic / Mild Malefic
Primary IngredientsBones
Aspect of LifeSoul, Sight
Vision (Sun & Moon only)Right eye
Characteristic mark on bodyOn the right side, hip
Apparel / ClothingRed cloth, Coarse cloth of thick threads, Red Silken
ColorsRed and Dark Brown, Copper Red, Fire Red, Blood Red
CasteKshatriyas, Royalty
GunasSatva or the goodness and purity, Sattvic
RelationshipFather of the child born in the day, Paternal uncle
Social StatusRoyal Status
Primordial CompoundFire
Average Daily Motion1 Degree
Rashi of ExaltationAries 10 Degrees
Rashi of DebilitationLibra 10 Degrees
SeasonSummer (Very Hot), Greeshma
DurationSummer & Winter Solstices (Uttarayanam and Daksinayanam), Half a Year, Ayan
Grain / PulseWheat
TasteSharp and Pungent, Bitter
MetalsCopper, Brass
Dhatu / MulaMoola (vegetables), Minerals (in own signs), Vegetables (in other signs), Mula
OrnamentsNeck ornaments, Ruby-set Necklace
Precious StonesRuby
Plants, Trees and FoodInwardly strong tall trees, Strong trees with stout trunks
Abode (Residence)Rocky Soil, Temple
DeitiesFire (Agni), Rudra (Shiva)
LokaThe World of Mortals

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