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Sun in 3rd house makes a person media savvy, with a strong will to succeed. This area brightens up a person’s communication.

Sun in 3rd House in Astrology

What does 3rd House Signify in Vedic Astrology?

Sun in 3rd house in Astrology shows that Short distance travel, like state to state, or from one town. The third house also represents siblings and relationships with them, media, networking skills, writing, and speaking ability. This house also promotes courage. It's the house of willpower and your efforts. Where your efforts will be and how much effort will you put in your work. This is also the house of longevity since it's 8th from the 8th house

The third house in Vedic Astrology represents the interaction with siblings and is an important part of the early life experience (before school years). It is a great exploration and discovery journey, learning how to communicate and build up strength and independence. Physically, the next parts of the body are the shoulders and arms. The significance of arms and hands also brings in manual dexterity. The correspondence with Mithuna (Gemini) adds communication.

What does Sun represent in Astrology?

Sun in Astrology represents the soul. This can be read in the most flexible and general sense of the word. The word soul is used for the deepest and truest nature, for the ultimate sense of identity, inspiration, and aspiration. Surya signifies one's essential attributes - the sense of self, ego, self-esteem sense of purpose, and so on. Energies and conditions that arise from the Sun's placement in a horoscope, along with the influences that the Sun receives, will be experienced in life as deep, long-term trends and processes that impact one's life as a whole.

Auspicious Results of Sun in 3rd House in Astrology

  • One is famous, free from ailments, cultured, intelligent, calm-natured, sweet spoken and sympathetic.
  • One can be a landlord.
  • One will be firm, determined, a lover of science and arts, and changes one’s house rarely.
  • Sun in 3rd house makes a person ambitious and full of valour. Due to one’s valour, enemies are amazed.
  • One is always victorious in debates and enemies are always destroyed in battle.
  • One will be physically strong, brave, and famous. sun in 3rd house person will be sweet-spoken, popular, attractive, and knowledgeable.
  • One may be recognized by the government, may derive happiness from the king, maybe famous and strong.
  • One will be wealthy, patient, and happy to see the progress of others. One may travel abroad and go on pilgrimages.
  • One will be attracted towards good deeds. The person will be a well-wisher of one’s dear ones. The native will be endowed with a son and a spouse.
  • One will enjoy one’s wealth and seek the pleasure of the company of beautiful people from the opposite sex.
  • One may seek the service of wicked people, be wealthy, endowed with money, sacrificing, and charitable.
  • One will have the comfort of a vehicle and may have many servants.
  • One is calm, thoughtful, intelligent, social, participating in educative and government work, a politician or a candidate in the elections of the local bodies and private associations.
  • One may be a chairman, vice-chairman, or a director in a big company. In other words, a position of great authority will be acquired.
  • One speaks authoritatively and one’s subordinates work harmoniously with him.

Inauspicious Results of Sun in 3rd House in Astrology

  • Sun in the third house either reduces the number of younger brothers or deprives one friend.
  • The elder brother may even die. Sun in the third house results in losses from brothers and relatives and pain from one’s own brothers. Sun in the third bhava means one should not stay with one’s brother because this will result in obstacles in each other’s growing fortunes.
  • One’s brothers and friends may be destroyed.
  • One is inimical towards one’s own people, friends, and brothers. One may incur an injury in the hand.
  • One may suffer from some pain in the fourth, fifth, eighth, and twelfth years. 
  • Brothers may be destroyed and one may be very cruel with Sun in 3rd house.   
  • Some trouble may be caused to one’s elder brother.
  • One and there may be conflicts and disputes. Both the brothers cannot stay in one place and even if they do so, the elder brother’s work will not prosper. Children may die and there may be other hardships.
  • One may be the only child of one’s parents. Even if there is a brother, he may be of little use or assistance.
  • One with Sun in 3rd house may be either the eldest or the youngest.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

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