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What is 6th House in Astrology

6th House in Astrology

The 6th House in Astrology deals with enemies, diseases of the body, everyday work life, and relationships with co-workers. This is the house of debt, obstacles, warzone, fighting, litigation, and divorce.

In the sixth house, a social structure is built through the school environment, and the native is to make friends and enemies. The sixth house in astrology represents the enemies, and enemies bring worries and anxieties.

In Vedic Astrology, the 6th house is frequently associated with health and happiness. Furthermore, health includes a courageous attitude toward life’s challenges. The planetary placements that rule the sixth house have an impact on how one responds to these challenges and obstacles. Hence, sixth house astrology is about the native’s concerns and how he deals with them.

Impact, Importance and Characteristics of 6th House in Astrology

When it comes to the sixth house in astrology, service and employability are the main topics. The position of planets in the sixth house determines things such as what type of work the native should do, whether a job will suit the native or if the native will be more successful in business, how the native’s colleagues and superiors will treat the native, what type of colleagues and seniors the native will have, how the native will interact with those who rely on the native for their livelihood, and so on.

The 6th house also determines how hard the native can work and his physical strength. However, as per the 6th house astrology, the native must take care of his health, eat healthy food, and exercise often. Physically, the stomach, intestines, and digestive tract are ruled by the sixth house.

Obstacles, hostility, problems, debts, and other issues are dealt with in the sixth house of the birth chart. The native’s sixth house in astrology motivates him, strengthens him and enables him to conquer all of these obstacles. As a result, the sixth house in astrology is more associated with people such as doctors, healers, and other professionals who assist society, such as police officers and army personnel. In Vedic astrology, the sixth house also deals with disagreements, legality, and lawsuits.

The 6th house in astrology also has an impact on facts and aspects related to the native’s disease, which is a key part of most people’s lives. What diseases is the native likely to contract, how long will it take the native to recover from illnesses, which regions of the native’s body are more susceptible to illness, and how strong is the native’s immune system, all these are indicated by the sixth house. In addition, the sixth house governs the native’s diet, the foods the native prefers to consume, and how the native’s food intake affects his health.

Role of Planets in the Sixth House in Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, the sixth house in birth chart is called ‘Shatru Bhava’. The planet Mercury is the natural significator of this house. It is Mercury’s strongest house; however, it is not a favourable house for Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn, and these planets are weakest in this house.

Understanding the role of planets in the sixth house are discussed below:

  • With the Sun in 6th house, the native’s wants and sentiments will be centred on work. This position also suggests that the native has been promoted to a higher position as a result of his hard work. The native will be extremely committed to his profession and have a strong sense of duty. A favourable Sun will aid in the development of illness resistance, and the native will have a high level of immunity and stamina.
  • For emotional fulfillment, the Moon in 6th house motivates the native to serve others. The native is an excellent co-worker and employee. This placement also indicates that the native has a tough emotional and mental attitude. The native will be moody at times, which will have an impact on his daily life and behaviour. Nonetheless, the native manages to maintain a rather light and simple emotional existence. Due to tension and anxiety, the Moon may create intestinal issues.
  • Even though Jupiter is the most benefic of all the planets, its placement in this house negates its positive qualities. Overindulgence will harm the native’s health, and the native may experience problems with the liver and blood circulation. He will have to put in a lot of effort to make money. On the other hand, Jupiter in 6th house in astrology will shower the native with grace, allowing him to learn from his foes and mistakes.
  • Venus in 6th house signifies that the native will want to be of help at work. During conflicts, the native will have the capacity to identify a middle ground and resolve disagreements. The native will be able to face difficult situations with grace. He will be in good health but needs to keep an eye on his eating habits.
  • Mars in 6th house aids in overcoming obstacles and defeating foes. This position requires the native to be active, competitive, and dynamic. The native will be physically hardworking, yet he will be prone to quarrels. Mars may also cause the native to have a high fever. He may be at risk of losing money if there’s a fire or an accident at work.
  • With Mercury in 6th house in astrology, the native’s thinking will be restless. The native is more likely to develop health problems as a result of stress and anxiety. The native needs to make a concerted effort to keep the peace. When it comes to his schooling and work, the native should be cautious. The native of mercury in 6th house in astrology has a tendency to overwork, but he must be cautious, as this may result in nerve diseases.
  • Saturn in 6th house in astrology implies that the native will be determined to overcome obstacles and will not give up until he has learned the lessons. These lessons may be learned the hard way and will teach the native how to carry out his responsibilities and stay healthy. The native has an uncontrollable tendency to worry, which might lead to depression.
  • Rahu is a good placement in the sixth house. The native will be an expert at resolving conflicts. Rahu in 6th house helps the native succeed in endeavours by assisting others. Loans, bankruptcy, divorce, or contract breaches may result in gains or losses. Even if the native gets into a lot of fights and makes a lot of enemies, it will all lead to self-healing and service.
  • The native tends to avoid unpleasant situations in life when Ketu is in the sixth house, and he would rather give up control and live a more easy going life. Ketu in 6th house in astrology is generally an unfavourable placement. Accidents and injuries will be a risk for the native. It will even produce a slew of problems in his life. With effort and hard work, the native will be able to overcome the challenges and emerge victorious.

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