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What is Saturn in Astrology? What does Saturn Represent in Astrology?

Saturn in Astrology
Saturn in Astrology

Saturn in Astrology represents grief, symbolic of how we relate to time. When time seems to pass too slowly, we experience grief. The condition of Saturn in the chart shows how permanent, eternal, and synchronized our connection with the light of consciousness is, being with us at even the most challenging times. A well placed Saturn in astrology shows the native knows when to go slow and when to go fast, to always let this light be there for him.

By acknowledging the limits of where light can go in our relative existence, we can still maintain the experience of beings of light. A challenging Saturn will allow the native to stray off-limits, where no light can reach and suffering prevails. Without Saturn being bright, the native may wonder if things will ever be okay again.

Saturn in Astrology represents a native's uncle, the type of boss he will have, his good and bad deeds in this life or the past. Saturn in Astrology also represents how hard will he work, his true career and wealth, his level of maturity, and aspects of his life that might be restricted for at least 50% of the time.

Even though Saturn in Astrology limits one's ability of certain aspects of his life depending upon the sign and house its ruling, it usually frees the native up from its aftermath after the age of 35 per Vedic astrology. Saturn is limitation, restriction, discipline, structure, order, law, obstacles, delay, focus, and separation. Saturn in Astrology is the general of the army.

Saturn in Astrology symbolizes everything that is deep, profound, thorough, long lasting, and serious in life. Saturn in astrology is associated with all the aspects of life that teach one how to be more thoughtful and practical, as well as deep and profound. The condition of Saturn in the birth chart will indicate whether these values are put to good use by adding depth and a sense of meaning to life, or whether one refuses to "get serious" and therefore experiences the "grief" of being forced to comply with Saturn's demands.

GrahaVedas SignificatorsExternal Object RepresentedInternal Object RepresentedQualities Represented
SunRoyalLeaders & AuthoritiesTalent for LeadershipLeadership, Aristocratic, Authoritative, Fatherly
MoonRoyalHigh Ranking People having a Nurturing Role MotherAbility to rule in a caring & supporting way, Nurturing SkillsCaring of groups, Motherly
MarsArmy ChiefCEO, Commander, Chief of OperationsAbility to Command others, Executive SkillsCommanding Ability to get others to do work
MercuryPrinceDiplomats, Secretary to Highly Placed People, Carefree People of Hight StatusDiplomatic Skills and Access to Highly Placed People in generalMediating, Playfulness, Curiosity
JupiterMinisterJudges, Advisors, Scholars, Professors, ExpertsAbility to Judge and Advise others, Ability to master a knowledgeWise, Scholarly, Advising, Consulting
VenusMinisterCounsellors, Advisors, RepresentativesThe ability to create harmony among people, the ability to relate to others pleasantlyHarmonizing, Understanding, Representative
SaturnServentEmployees, Helpers, Servent, AssistantsThe ability to serve others, our draw to most basic values in lifeServing, Involved to Basic Value Work, Hardwork
RahuArmyPeople that rebel and break boundaries, people that are not part of the communityThe wild side in us, Intense desiresHard to Contain, Unpredictable

What Does Saturn in Astrology Signify?

  • Saturn is the native's limitation in life. It sets boundaries to what he can and cannot achieve.
  • Saturn in Astrology represents responsibility, organization, structure, delay, separation, grief, life span as in longevity, antique items, old people, chronic illnesses, fear, anxiety, labor work, lower class, lower type jobs, construction.
  • It's the wake-up call, as Saturn in astrology shows the truth and reality of life. Most of us
    are walking around daydreaming, and have an illusion of our elicit future. But during Saturn's dasha, and Saturn’s transit, we are awakened by the harsh reality that exists around us. We are forced to be more practical and disciplined about our goals rather than searching for them on an esoteric level.
  • For example, Saturn in the 7th house or the zodiac sign that Saturn rules are in the 7th house, and, if Saturn (aspects) the 7th house, this will give the native a late or delayed marriage or business partnership, but it will give him a marriage. It just delays it, and knowing this fact, it will be better if the native gets married after the age of 32. If you have this placement in your chart and you get married before that age, then the divorce will be your next calling. This is why it’s so important to know your true astrology and your true astrological chart, as it will help you skip the rocks on your pathway. Do all marriages with Saturn's placement in the 7th house or aspect on the 7th house get delayed? No, but most of the time it does.
  • Externally, Saturn in Astrology (Shani) signifies natives who maintain the low level and basic facilities: service people, workmen, people doing manual labor, cleaning people, servants, people dedicated to their jobs for a long time, very responsible and committed people. Also signified are people who are very introverted or hidden from the public eye, researchers, reclusive, monks.
  • Physically, Saturn in Astrology (Shani) signifies the parts of the body that are instrumental to restricting the movement. Whereas, Surya signifies the bones, Shani signifies the joints, tenants, and muscles that keep the skeleton within a range of motions. Shani also signifies the physical aspect of the nervous system.
  • Internally, Saturn in Astrology (Shani) indicates traits and abilities related to long-term values. Responsibility, commitment, the ability to deal with grief, stability, longevity.
  • Qualities signified by Shani: slow but steady, responsible, cold, withdrawn, humble, restricted, detached, dirty, dark, old.
  • Determining what objects are signified by Saturn: Whatever parts are most remote from the core, whatever part is essential for the physical longevity, the least attractive parts that have their use in the long run, things related to elimination and separation.
  • Saturn in Astrology, according to most, including the true Vedic historians, was the main significator of wealth and status, as it originally controls the 10th and 11th house in the zodiac and controls the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius which are the 10th and 11th zodiac signs. In Hindu culture, Saturn has been bread to people as the most demonic planet that gives nothing but sorrow and trouble to people.
  • Venus only brings love in the true reality of planetary energy while Jupiter brings wisdom; it is Saturn and its energy that brings all that one needs and more in life; for this is why Blue Sapphire is considered the most dangerous stone in astrology, as it can either kill you, or take you to new heights, but the fact-of-the-matter is, it only benefits most of the time, but out of fear people never wear it. It is supposed to be worn on the neck, or on the middle finger of either hand. Blue Sapphire captures the invisible rays of the planet Saturn and transmits them into our nerves as the light hits our skin from an open back ring or pendant.

Karakatwas of the Saturn in Astrology

  • Karaka is the reason for happening events in life whereas Karakatwas is the domain of the planet for delivering things. For example- Venus is Karaka of Marriage whereas Karakatwas of Venus is Marriage.
  • As per Uttara Kalamrita, Saturn in Astrology is the Karakatwas for: Saturn presides over laziness, without manliness, telling lies, long lasting, a servile duty, unrighteous conduct, obstruction, distress, ill health, disease, enmity, sorrow, death, sickness,
    long standing distress, misunderstanding, misery, death, happiness through a woman, wicked mind, friendship, great anger, exertion, cruel-hearted, misdirected strength, strong at the end of the day, entire sovereignty, alarm, gain, theft, fear, proof of witness, one losing his ego, indignation, exertion, sins, cruelty, one with disfigured limbs, handsome look, old age, tendons and muscles, haunting woods, serpent world, traveling through forests and over mountains, living by agriculture, wandering in the battle field, roaming in hilly areas, horse, elephant, birds, gift, dog, goats and the like, buffalos and the like, skin, ugly hair, bones, lead, maid servant, bastard, one born of the lowest caste, a student belonging to another caste, external position, born of a very low mother, outcast, eunuch, a lord, Sudra, Vaisya, one representing the father, learning the trade of another class, nobility, cripple, sharp, indulging in sexual pleasure, friendship with the wicked, a portion of life, year, longevity, winter, facing west, fondness for the north-eastern quarter, the three sacred fires, one wind, dressing oneself for amorous appeals, dirty clothes and house, ashes, with the wicket, black color, evil, cruelty, black grains, gems, precious stones, iron, a spear, oil, wood, hunter, worshipping god Yama, a blanket, life saving drugs, downward look, living by agriculture, arsenal, downfall, lost battle, wandering, worn out, and hard-heartedness.
Saturn in Astrology

Health and Physiology Significance of Saturn in Astrology

  • Saturn in Astrology presides over muscles, the Sun over bones, the Moon over blood, Mercury over skin, Venus, over semen, Jupiter over flesh, and Mars over the marrow of the bones.
  • The Sun is the Soul of the zodiacal man (Kala Purusa); the Moon is his mind; Mars his vigor, Mercury his speech; Jupiter his knowledge and happiness; Venus his love and desires; Saturn is the sorrow. Of the planets, the Sun and the Moon are the kings, Mars is the commander-in-chief; Mercury, the first prince, Jupiter and Venus are the ministers, and Saturn, the servant.
  • Saturn in Astrology brings on diseases caused by wind and phlegm, paralysis of the leg, misfortune, weariness, mental aberration stomach-ache, excess of internal heat, desertion of servants, injury to the ribs, danger to wife and children, injury to some limb, mental anguish. It is responsible for causing a blow from a piece of wood or stone and trouble from (foul) ignominious goblins and the like. Saturn will bring death through windy diseases (Vata) or a dangerous fever like typhoid. Saturn governs touch (along with Rahu and Ketu).

Muhurat Significance of Saturn in Astrology

On a day presided over by Saturn or when Saturn is in the ascendant, all work undertaken in connection with the following things will be crowned with success: Female buffaloes, goats, camels, iron, slaves, old persons, lowborn persons, birds (like vultures), thieves, hunters, the mannerless, broken pots, elephant-catching, and obstructionist activities.

Dasha Significance of Saturn in Astrology

From the results predicted for dashas (planetary periods) we can learn additional favorable and unfavorable significations and associations.

  • During Saturn's auspicious Dasha or Antardasha, the native gains asses, camels, hawks and other birds, old wife and worship from villagers or townsmen where many people of the same caste reside, and also coarse grains such as jowar and bajra.
  • During Saturn's inauspicious Dasha or Antardasha, the native gets mental pain in solving subtle problems, eye diseases, and enmity with religious disbelievers.

Description of Planet Saturn in Astrology as per Textbooks

  • According to Parashara: Saturn has a big body, tawny hair and tawny eyes are phlegmatic, intelligent, and learned in all Shastras.
  • According to Horasara:
    Saturn has stout and tall body; his eyes are neither big nor small, he is intelligent, well-versed in politics or policy making has prominent bilious composition, is a very eloquent speaker, wears yellow apparels and jewels and is of noble disposition.
  • According to Bhirat Jataka: Saturn has a big body, yellow hair and yellow eyes, superior intellect and a phlegmatic nature.
  • According to Saravali: The eyes of Saturn are somewhat reddish-brown. He is learned in Vedas. His voice resembles that of a lion. He is firm and prominently Satwik. His physical complexion is akin to the pure yellow metal. He has a broad and prominent chest. He is always fond of virtues and is modest. He has firm and large eyes and is of a forgiving disposition. He wears yellow apparel, is phlegmatic, fat, and pre-eminent.
  • According to Phala Deepika: Saturn has a body of yellowish hue. His eyes and hair are brown. He has got a fat and elevated chest and possesses a big body. He is phlegmatic in temperament and is exceedingly intelligent. His voice is similar to that of a lion or the sound of the conch. He is always after wealth.
  • According to Sarvartha Chintamani: Saturn is of satvik temperament, is endowed with all the good qualities of character, has yellow eyes, has no hair on the head.

Characteristics of Saturn in Astrology

DescriptionEmaciated and long physique, Tawny eyes, Windy in temperament, Big teeth, Indolent, Lame, Coarse Hair
PersonalityPerson of 100 years
GenderHermaphrodite, Eunochs, Neuter
Primary IngredientsMuscles
Aspect of LifeGrief, Five senses, Touch
Characteristic mark on bodyOn the Left side, Leg
Apparel / ClothingRag, Torn clothing, Multi-coloured Robes
ColorsBlack, Sapphire like blue, Blue or Black, Dark
CasteLowest Caste Persons, Sudras
GunasTamas or Darkness of Inertia, Tamasic
Social StatusServant
DirectionSouthwest, West
Primordial CompoundAir
Average Daily Motion2 Degrees
Rashi of ExaltationLibra 20 Degrees
Rashi of DebilitationAries 20 Degrees
SeasonSisira (Winter)
DurationA Year
Grain / PulseSesamum
TasteAstringent, Bitter
Dhatu / Mula / JivaDhatu (minerals) Ceepers (in own signs), Minerals (in other signs)
OrnamentsLeg and Hand Ornaments, Ornaments containing nails, hair, teeth, sapphire or iron
Precious StonesStainless Sapphire, Sapphire
StonesSapphire like Stone
Plants, Trees and FoodThorny trees, Supple and Weak trees, Useless trees
Abode (Residence)The black soil or the soil where iron can be found, filthy ground, ant hills
DeitiesPrajapati Brahma, Kala (Yama)

Prediction of Saturn in 12 Different Houses in Astrology

The following are the effects of Saturn in 12 Houses in Astrology :

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