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Saturn in 1st House in Astrology | Health, Career, Wealth & Relationship

Saturn in 1st house in Astrology delays marriage gives bad relationship with siblings and gives no younger siblings, however, if Saturn is in a good sign and degree, it can give a solid career with its 10th house aspect. People with Saturn in 1st house in Vedic Astrology get an older spouse.

Saturn in 1st House in Astrology

What does the 1st House signify in Vedic Astrology?

The 1st House in Astrology rules body and personality. Most astrologers will say it rules the majority of a person’s life and its luck as well, but it’s not true. The luck, career and wealth factor is ruled by other houses. However, it's the foundation of your life, so a weak foundation will make other planets a little wobbly sitting in a house. But, may people have bad ascendants, but due to other planetary positions they come out quite well.

The first house in Vedic Astrology represents the birth itself, becoming an individual. It represents life overall, the self, and the whole body. Whatever influences the first house will have its impact on the entire life, the personality, the body, and the complexion. Events happening during and shortly after birth also belong to the 1st house.
Physically, the 1st house corresponds to the 1st part of our body, the head in general, and the skull and brain in particular.
The correspondence with Mesha (Aries) adds physical mobility and overall strength. You have the Lagna lord in this house, therefore it is an important house.

What does Saturn represent in Astrology?

Saturn in Astrology is our limitation in life. It sets boundaries to what we can

and cannot achieve. It's the wake-up call, as Saturn shows you the truth and reality of life. Most of us are walking around daydreaming, and have an illusion of our elicit future. But during Saturn's Dasha, and Saturn’s transit, we are awakened by the harsh reality that exists around us. We are forced to be more practical and disciplined about our goals rather than searching for them on an esoteric level.

Saturn in Astrology represents grief, although this rather harsh description must be understood in more depth, for Saturn is a very important and sometimes deeply spiritual influence in the horoscope. Saturn symbolizes everything that is deep, profound, thorough, long-lasting, and serious in life. It is associated with all the aspects of life that teach one how to be more thoughtful and practical, as well as deep and profound. The condition of Saturn in the birth chart will indicate whether these values are put to good use by adding depth and a sense of meaning to life, or whether one refuses to "get serious" and therefore experiences the "grief' of being forced to comply with Saturn's demands.

Auspicious Results of Saturn in 1st House in Astrology

  • One may be a lover of solitude, stubborn, determined, disappointed, indifferent, and staunch.
  • Such people are impressive at the first meeting and have the authority of a king.
  • One with Saturn in 1st House may be as talented and long-lived as a king.
  • One may gain from the state or due to one’s contacts with the government.
  • One will be wealthy, happy, and prosperous.
  • One will destroy powerful enemies.
  • One with Saturn in 1st House will progress after fighting with elders.
  • One’s status improves at the time of availing pension and good authority is acquired.
  • One will have one marriage, few sons or no son but many daughters.
  • One will be philosophical, in practice, hardworking, enterprising, friendly, financially organized, capable, truthful, clean-hearted, faithful, thoughtful, and will have a determined personality.
  • One will destroy enemies or subdue them.
  • One with Saturn in 1st House may have a poisonous vision and may be capable of destroying the enemy just by looking at them.
  • One may be as prosperous as a king and maybe scholarly and good-looking.     
  • One will have good fortune.     
  • In the earlier part of life there will be problems and struggles but due to self-confidence patience and hard work success is ultimately attained.     
  • One will be happier in a job.
  • If one goes in for business one will be the owner or official of big mills or firms.     
  • The results of the planetary position are auspicious.     
  • One is popular and mature.     
  • One will inherit paternal wealth.     
  • One is a famous personality in the city or country.

Inauspicious Results of Saturn in 1st House in Astrology

  • One may be deformed, probably in the legs.
  • One may have a bulky body and maybe lazy and dirty.
  • One may be lethargic, lazy, indifferent, a lover of solitude, shy, and may stick to one point stubbornly.
  • One may face disappointment, pain, and hurdles at work, and failure in life.
  • One may have strange views regarding religion.
  • One may always be an agitated, angry, miserly, wicked, ill character. One may be slow, sexually troubled, bald, and weak-bodied.
  • One is sexually agitated.
  • One with Saturn in 1st House may become jealous of seeing the progress of others and cause unhappiness for himself.
  • One may be unhappy and discontented.
  • One may not be intelligent and may not think minutely and prudently.
  • One may always be mentally disturbed, worried about oneself, and will always be engaged in useless conflicts.
  • One may be very keen to acquire wealth.
  • One with Saturn in 1st House may not benefit from business; it is advisable to work in partnership or as an employee.
  • One’s spouse may look older.
  • One may have a faulty vision, may be intolerant towards the progress of others, and weak due to many ailments.
  • One may always be ailing.
  • One may suffer from ailments in childhood.
  • One with Saturn in 1st House may also suffer from gastric problems, which may cause internal ear ailments.
  • One may have a tendency to cough.
  • One may suffer nasal and eye defects.
  • One’s spouse may be ailing and one may keep illicit relationships.
  • One may suffer from itching problems.
  • One may have a cough and cold and maybe injured on the head due to a fall or an assault with an iron rod and this may cause pain.
  • One may suffer heart problems and problems related to the reproductive system.     
  • One may suffer from heart ailments, pain in the joints, gastric trouble, birth deformities, pain in the genitals and the sides, and respiratory problems.
  • There may be poverty, fear of thieves, and joint-related ailments.     
  • One may have to survive on the food given by others.     
  • One may be cowardly, may stay away from big projects, may not believe others, and maybe wicked, greedy, fraudulent, inimical, angry, and fond of solitude.
  • One may suffer from thoughtlessness, dumbness, lowliness, wickedness, and a tendency to be very inimical.     
  • One may be fraudulent, selfish, hardworking, greedy, and miserly.     
  • One may be wicked, inimical, revengeful, untrustworthy and a cheat, and a fraud.
  • One may be cowardly and cautious.     
  • One may suffer from urinary problems, cough, and cold-related ailments.     
  • One’s domestic life may not be satisfactory.     
  • One may marry twice and may not have good relations with one’s spouse.     
  • One may lose one parent in childhood. Generally, the father tends to die.     
  • One may be wounded and may die accidentally.
  • One may undergo imprisonment and allegations of bribery.     
  • One may harm others for one’s own selfish interests.     
  • The planets give inauspicious results

Note : The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon the complete analysis of the horoscope (Birth-Chart).

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