8th Lord in Different Houses

8th Lord in Different Houses

The 8th lord in different houses reacts according to the house it is placed in; for example, if it is placed in the 11th house, it means the natives will face many ups and downs and transformations in their financial and gaining patterns. All the significance of the 11th house will connect 8th house matters. The energy of the 8th house lord and that particular house is mixed. If the lord sits in a friendly or own house, it gives good results, but if it sits in an enemy house, it gives unfavourable results.  

Each of the 12 signs is a natural ruler of a particular house. A planet rules each sign, and that planet is referred to as the ruler or lord of that house. 

The 8th house represents deep dark things of astrology, occult, astrology, ups and downs, transformations, in-laws, treasure, death and rebirth, pain, and undergrounded things. It will affect native’s life to a great extent. If the lord of the 8th house is placed in any of the 12 houses, it will change the result accordingly.

8th Lord in Different Houses

8th House Lord in 1st House

Natives tend to be vulnerable and secretive about their appearance or their body. Possibly they are prone to accidents and confrontations. Their health might also be a problem.

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8th House Lord in 2nd House

Native may feel quite hesitant in expressing themselves because it makes them feel vulnerable. Financially they experience insecurity as well as experience loss in resources.

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8th House Lord in 3rd House

There might be fear of taking the initiative to fulfil their basic desires due to feelings of vulnerability and the fear of loss. Due to this reason, many of their efforts are limited and therefore go unfulfilled. 

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8th House Lord in 4th House

They might find it challenging to acquire lasting comfort and contentment in life, and therefore they might feel vulnerable, even in their own home. But even gaining a property might prove to be a painful and aggressive endeavour. 

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8th House Lord in 5th House

The mental activity might not be their choice because they feel vulnerable when expressing ideas or speculations. Their mind, however, readily entertains restless thoughts of fear and loss.

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8th House Lord in 6th House

They are strong and forceful in their opponents but not as strong regarding their health. Probably they will overcome their competition or enemies keenly and cleverly, perhaps by knowing what makes them tick. 

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8th House Lord in 7th House

Their most vulnerable side may be the one that turns towards marriage, partnerships, or other one-to-one interactions. There will be some loss of relationships in their life, either in terms of the divorce or the death of their spouse. 

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8th House Lord in 8th House

They may have an exceptional talent for researching, exploring, uncovering, or finding new perspectives. They have a vital life force that will be conducive to a reasonably long lifespan.

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8th House Lord in 9th House

The area of higher knowledge, philosophy, or religion might feel uncomfortable. If the Lord of the 8th House is in the 9th house. then they like exploring the mysteries of life, but to express those thoughts in the format of religious or philosophical terms might make them feel vulnerable.

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8th House Lord in 10th House

Their most vulnerable side is that they may have difficulty identifying with any career, status, or reputation to build: they may feel threatened or out of place in a work situation. Their career choice might have to do with secrecy, research, exploration of any kind. 

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8th House Lord in 11th House

Their philosophical views on life, death and sexual energy define the network circle and friends. They want to make friends who are truth seekers, and they want friends who can offer them some valuable hidden information.

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8th House Lord in 12th House

They have ‘Vipreet Raj Yoga’. It means the reversal of a bad situation turning into something good. They can suddenly find treasure and discover secrets. They can find treasure by going into a foreign land. They can get sudden inheritance due to someone’s death.

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