9th Lord in Different Houses

9th Lord in Different Houses

The 9th lord in different houses reacts according to the house it is placed in; for example, if it is placed in the 4th house, it means the natives family will be spiritual and religious their mother will be like their guru. All the significance of the 9th house will connect 4th house matters. The energy of the 9th house lord and that particular house is mixed. If the lord sits in a friendly or own house, it gives good results, but if it sits in an enemy house, it gives unfavourable results.

Each of the 12 signs is a natural ruler of a particular house. A planet rules each sign, and that planet is referred to as the ruler or lord of that house.

The 9th house represents dharma, father, authority, spirituality, religion, higher education, government, luck, prosperity, everything that is more elevated and pious and long-distance travels. It will affect native’s life to a great extent. If the lord of the 9th house is placed in any of the 12 houses, it will change the result accordingly.

9th Lord in Different Houses

9th House Lord in 1st House

They are connected with their higher spiritual side, seeking to understand the world from a higher perspective. Due to their moral nature and openness, there are bound to be fortunate in life in terms of education, wealth and health.

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9th House Lord in 2nd House

They are scholarly and knowledgeable, bringing good fortune to their family. They may seek to understand the world through economic accumulation and affluence, and Self-expression in terms of philosophical matters may fit them very well.

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9th House Lord in 3rd House

They may seek learning and understanding of life in how they assert themselves: initiative and action. They may be easily motivated by spiritual principles or people on the path of spiritual development.

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9th House Lord in 4th House

Spiritual or religious principles or practices soothe their heart and give them comfort. They may have gotten introduced to such principles from their mother or someone very close to them.

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9th House Lord in 5th House

Lord of 9th House in 5th house is virtuous and fortunate individuals who devote themself to studying higher education and knowledge. They may be well-respected teachers or leaders, trying to uplift people with their wisdom.

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9th House Lord in 6th House

It might be hard for them to acquire higher education and spiritual knowledge, and even though they may gain it, the process of achieving it might prove quite irritating.

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9th House Lord in 7th House

They are attracted to virtuous and knowledgeable people, sharing their wisdom freely with you. They build your relationship upon sound principles of devotion, respect and moral values.

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9th House Lord in 8th House

There is a hesitation in them when accepting new doctrines of religious or spiritual principles. It needs to be explored and analyzed, while it tends to confuse them in actual practice.

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9th House Lord in 9th House

They are very spiritual, open-minded and a fortunate person. They are endowed with higher learning, wisdom and good moral values, and they feel close to the divine aspect.

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9th House Lord in 10th House

They need to grow into a positive role in society. They take their moral values to work, and their reputation and social image are critical to them.

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9th House Lord in 11th House

They are very affluent and open-minded. They always seek to expand their opportunities, and they will always have plenty of resources. They can be very inspiring and uplifting and guide them with ethical principles to realize their dreams.

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9th House Lord in 12th House

Just like all their attempts to expand their horizon and achieve higher education or higher spiritual teaching, they get confused and aimless when they try to pull them through. It would help if they transcended the selfish attachment to such an endeavour.

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