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Saturn in Astrology

Can we change the outcome of Saturn’s inauspicious Dasha or Antardasha? 

Can we change the outcome of Saturn's inauspicious Dasha or Antardasha? 

Saturn, known as Shani in Vedic astrology, is often categorized as a harsh and challenging planet. Its influence can bring delays, hardships, and limitations to our lives. However, it is important to remember that Saturn’s energy is not inherently negative.  

Saturn represents the lessons we must learn in order to evolve and grow spiritually. And while we may not be able to change Saturn’s Dasha or Antardasha periods, we can change how we respond to them. By approaching Saturn’s influence consciously and with an open mind, we can work through challenges and ultimately come out stronger and wiser individuals.  

Additionally, certain rituals and remedies prescribed by Vedic astrology can help us navigate Saturn’s difficult periods more effectively. Ultimately, it is up to us to make the most out of Saturn’s power and use it for our own growth and evolution. 

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Saturn in Astrology

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