What is the best time to start a new project during Saturn’s auspicious Dasha or Antardasha? 

In astrology, Saturn is known as the planet of karma and discipline. Saturn’s energy can bring both structure and limitations, so it’s important to consider its placement in the chart before starting a new project. Generally speaking, Saturn’s Dasha or Antardasha can be an auspicious time for starting projects related to hard work, ambition, and long-term goals. This could be a good time for launching a business or committing to a serious personal endeavor. 

 However, Saturn’s energy can also signify delays or challenges. It may be wise to wait until Saturn has moved into a positive placement in your chart before starting a project that requires significant resources or outside support. As always with astrology, consulting with an experienced practitioner can offer valuable insights on timing and manifestation.  

Overall, Saturn’s energy can support ambitious endeavors that align with our true path and soul purpose. Trusting in this cosmic guidance can bring even greater success to our projects during Saturn’s favorable periods. 

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