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What should we avoid doing during Saturn’s inauspicious Dasha or Antardasha? 

Saturn, also known as Shani in Hindu astrology, represents obstacles, responsibility, and self-discipline. During Saturn’s Dasha or Antardasha, it is important to remain diligent and avoid impulsive actions. Instead of starting new ventures, focus on completing unfinished tasks and working through challenges that arise. It is also advisable to refrain from cutting or styling your hair, as this could bring negative results.  

On a deeper level, Saturn’s Dasha offers an opportunity for introspection and self-improvement. Practicing self-care and spiritual contemplation can lead to growth and ultimately help us break free from our limitations. So while Saturn’s Dasha might not be the most auspicious time for taking risks or making big changes, it offers us the chance to work towards personal transformation. 

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