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Is it possible to “cheat” karma and avoid difficult transits from Saturn altogether? 

Saturn, the planet of karma and lessons, can often bring difficult transits in our lives. But is it possible to cheat Saturn and avoid these challenges altogether? In astrology, Saturn represents our innate karmic blueprint that we bring with us in this lifetime. It’s important to remember that we all have free will, and Saturn’s transits simply provide opportunities for growth and evolution.  

However, there are steps we can take to minimize the effects of Saturn’s heavy transits. The key is cultivating a mindset of self-awareness and personal responsibility. Mindfully taking inventory of past actions and working towards healing old wounds can help us create positive karma and attract more beneficial Saturn transits in the future.  

Ultimately, it may not be feasible to completely avoid Saturn’s sometimes-difficult lessons, but by actively seeking self-improvement, we can optimize our karmic path for maximum growth and fulfillment. 

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