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What is Rajyog in Astrology? (Raj Yoga)

Rajyog in Astrology | Raj Yoga

If you are just beginning to understand astrology, you will definitely come across this term, “Rajyog or Raj Yoga”. “Raj”, in Hindi, means power, rule of reign; hence having Rajyog in a birth chart simply implies power and authority of the native.

Having this yoga in the birth chart is believed to be highly prosperous as it will denote that the native will be at a higher status or higher-level position in his workplace. It also determines how fortunate the native is in terms of happiness, wealth, prosperity and peace. This Yoga in Astrology is formed by the combination of auspicious planets.

Raj Yoga: Background

Back in the days, about 5-7 thousand years ago, having this yoga meant “Kingly Yoga”, meaning that the native would be in the position of the king. It is so because, in those times, there was no such thing as an electable government, Prime Minister or a President. But times have changed, and the meaning of this yoga has also revolved. Now, even though Rajyog doesn’t mean that the native will be a king, but still if signifies that he will be in an authoritative position like being a manager, supervisor, a high-level executive or a leader.

Raj Yoga in astrology denotes taking care of people and responsibilities, which is the duty of a manager or a king.

What Happens in Rajyog?

Rajyog is formed when the lord of Kendra house and lord of Trikona house are in conjunction. It occurs either in Kendra house or Trikona house. If this yoga occurs in any other house by conjunction, it loses some value.

Another way this yoga can occur is if the lords of Kendra or Trikona houses aspect each other while they are in Kendra or Trikona houses.

Rahu and Ketu Placement for Raj Yoga

Even though Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic planets in a birth chart, they can give Raj Yoga. This happens when Rahu or Ketu are in conjunction with a Kendra or Trikona lord while sitting in the Kendra or Trikona house.

Another way when Rahu and Ketu can give thi syoga is when they are sitting alone in Kendra or Trikona while their lords are in Kendra or Trikona. However, the lord of Kendra or Trikona should not be in the 6th, 8th or 12th house because then it becomes a weak Raj yoga and may not yield favourable results.

Conditions to Form Rajyog in Astrology

The most significant point to consider for Raj Yoga is the degrees between the two planets in conjunction. If the degree distance between two planets is more than 15 degrees, then it is not a true conjunction, and it means two planets are in the same house but on different floors.

If two planets are less than 10 degrees apart, then they are on the same floor of the house, and if they are less than 5 degrees apart, then they are in the same room, which makes the communication between the two planets strong. But, if this happens to be Sun, then most planets will combust if they come less than 10 degrees from Sun. Only Mercury can be as close as 1 degree apart and still not combust since Mercury is always near the Sun and is used to its heat.

If Rahu and Ketu are too close to Sun and Moon, then Sun and Moon become eclipsed which means only after midlife, these shadow planets will remove their dark cloud.

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