What does the Sun represent in Vedic astrology? 

The Sun is considered the king of planets and its position in a natal chart denotes a person’s soul purpose. It is also said to represent the father figure. The Sun shines its light onto everything, illuminating truth and bringing clarity.  

In Vedic astrology, the Sun is said to represent the Atman, which is the divine spark of consciousness that resides within each of us. This spark is what allows us to connect with our higher selves and access our true potential.  

The Sun also symbolizes our ability to create and manifest our desires. When we align with the energy of the Sun, we can tap into our creative power and bring our dreams into reality. By connecting with the energy of the Sun, we can open ourselves up to limitless possibilities. 

The Sun is seen as the king of the planets and represents our soul, our divine self. It is the planet of truth and consciousness, and its energy helps us to see clearly and connect with our higher purpose. The Sun is said to be the ruler of Leo, and its qualities of courage, creativity and generosity are reflected in this sign.  

Leo is a fire sign, and like the Sun, it is full of life-force and vitality. When our Sun is strong in our chart, we feel confident and radiant. We are able to express our true selves and fulfill our destiny. 

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