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What are some helpful tips for managing stress during Saturn’s transit? 

Saturn, the planet known as the “taskmaster” in astrology, can bring a sense of heaviness and pressure during its transits. However, there are ways to navigate this energy in a positive way. One helpful tip is to focus on actively supporting your physical and mental wellbeing. This could mean taking breaks throughout the day or finding ways to move your body, such as yoga or exercise.  

Saturn transits also invoke the importance of self-reflection and setting boundaries. It’s important to identify our personal limits and find healthy ways to communicate them to others. Additionally, turning towards spiritual practices such as meditation or journaling can help provide clarity and release any feelings of stress or overwhelm.  

Saturn transits may offer challenges, but they can also bring opportunities for growth and transformation. By taking care of ourselves and practicing self-awareness, we can navigate Saturn’s energy with grace and ease. 

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