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What are some common misconceptions about Sun in Astrology?

One of the most common misconceptions about Sun in astrology is that it ONLY pertains to the sign that the Sun is in at the time of your birth. In reality, Sun represents your core essence, or what you bring to the table in any and all areas of your life. So even if your Sun isn’t in your birth sign, its energy will still be at play in your chart! 

Another misconception is that Sun represents only your ego or “outer” self. In fact, Sun represents both your ego and your innermost desires – it’s the part of you that strives for growth and enlightenment. 

Lastly, some people believe that Sun astrology is all about happiness and positive energy. While it’s true that Sun brings abundance and good vibes to our lives, it can also bring challenges and tests along the way. After all, nothing worth having comes easy! 

Other Misconceptions –  

  1. Sun sign astrology is not based on science. 
  2. Sun sign astrology does not take into account the position of other planets in one’s chart. 
  3. Sun sign astrology is only for determining personality traits. 
  4. You must be a certain age to find out your sun sign. 
  5. Your sun sign can change over time. 
  6. You cannot have more than one sun sign. 
  7. Astrologers can predict the future using your sun sign alone. 
  8. You cannot use sun sign astrology to make major life decisions 

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