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Sun in 3rd House for Pisces Ascendant in Astrology

Sun in 3rd House for Pisces Ascendant

Sun in the 3rd house for Pisces ascendant native is very bold, courageous, and dynamic. Native appears to be men of influential personality, and natives are excellent athletes. Natives may be interested in gathering facts and data, and the natives possess trade and commerce skills.

What does the 3rd House in Astrology Signify?

  • The third house represents the interaction with siblings and is an integral part of the early life experience (before school years).
  • It is a beautiful journey of exploration and discovery, learning to communicate, and building up strength and independence.
  • Physically, the following parts of the body are the shoulders and arms. The significance of arms and hands also brings in manual dexterity.
  • The correspondence with Mithuna (Gemini) adds communication.

What does the Sun represent in Vedic Astrology?

  • Sun in astrology represents the soul, which can be read in the word’s most flexible and general sense.
  • The word soul is used for the deepest and truest nature, the ultimate sense of identity, inspiration, and aspiration.
  • Surya signifies one’s essential attributes – the sense of self, ego, self-esteem, a sense of purpose, and so on.
  • Energies and conditions that arise from the Sun’s placement in a horoscope, along with the influences that the Sun receives, will be experienced in life as deep, long-term trends and processes that impact one’s life as a whole.

What does Pisces Ascendant in Astrology Signify?

  • A person born in the ‘Pisces’ Lagna is skilled in water sports, humble, well-willed, woman-beloved, fierce, excellent pundit, clever little host, playful, intelligent, holding the best jewels, doing a wide variety of creations: The person with Pitta nature is famous, Satoguni, lazy, patient, more saintly, big-eyed and accidental.
  • His body is of average height, there is a pit in the chin, and the brain is enormous.
  • Such a person leads an everyday life in his initial state, remains unhappy in middle age and enjoys happiness in the last stage. His fortune would have increased at the age of 21 or 22 years.

Auspicious Results of Sun in the 3rd house for Pisces Ascendant:

  • The native with Sun in the 3rd House for Pisces Ascendant works diligently and earns adequate wealth to manage family expenditure.
  • They get respect and honour in government and society.
  • The native with Sun in 3rd House for Pisces Ascendant has faith in almighty God, but he gives little time to perform religious activities.
  • They appear  to be a man of influential personality.
  • They can be excellent athletes.

Inauspicious Results of Sun in the 3rd house for Pisces Ascendant:

  • They might have cheated on their tests in high school or college or plagiarised someone’s work in school.
  • The native with Sun in the 3rd House for Pisces Ascendant faces opposition from his younger brothers and sisters.
  • They live an ordinary family life.
  • They have had many affairs since they were young.

Personality, Worklife, Relationship and Areas of Interest:

  • Their way of communicating is very gentle, polite.
  • They  will not seek out bravery if they are pushed to the limit.
  • They exert their physical energy in a more planned way than fighting.They don’t go for arguments and fights but they will defend themselves.
  • They have an innate flair for fashion arts, which makes him an exceptionally creative artist.
  • They can attract people because they are young and vibrant.
  • They will be handsome, well educated, proficient in litigation, intelligent, brave, and well-appointed in a position of authority.
  • They may frequently travel for business and love to travel.
  • They will become excellent at PR work because PR is not a career but a way of life.
  • They may become natural athletes and cooks.
  • Dealing with people in the government media will always be part of the natives’ daily routine.
  • Their career life comes alive through the help of authorities, whether through their bosses or government officials.
  • They get great love through their sisters if they have a younger sister; that younger sister becomes an influential factor in their life, just like having a younger brother or sister does for anyone.Just by having a younger sibling their career comes alive.
  • They will have a relationship on the internet over the internet at work because it is a way of communication.
  • Relationship-building skills are one of their strengths.
  • It is natural for native people to have an online affair or experience their office space.
  • If the native has a paternal uncle or aunt, they can ask them precisely how their career changed after natives were born or especially after natives had their younger sibling. The placement of native birth charts shows that the timing for native uncle or aunt too began to succeed when native was born.
  • They will always be able to pay debts in their life by self efforts and specially through younger siblings.
  • They will have many relationships in their office and they will attract married people.
  • Native may have 3 childrens. Mix of boys and girls.

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