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Sun in 11th House in Astrology | Health, Career, Wealth & Relationship

Sun in 11th house in Astrology gives good result in incoming gains and liquid wealth. This position gives the native lots of male support and friendship and makes a good manager. Sun in 11th House in Vedic Astrology also promises a son since Sun is looking at the 5th house of children.

Sun in 11th House in Astrology

What does the 11th House signify in Vedic Astrology?

The 11th House in Astrology shows gains of all kinds, hopes, wishes, power to achieve your desired goal and your source of income. The source of income is not your 10th house, but your 11th house. How will you make your money, or how will you get your (Big) money. Your 10th house just shows career, rise & fall in career, and what field you’ll go into after looking at all the divisional charts, but 11th house shows the big gains you’ll receive in your life. Very important house in terms of wealth.

The 11th house in Vedic Astrology represents our actions' fruits: income and general fulfilment of desires. It also represents the years after the career is over, enjoyment of a pension, having time to spend with friends, following up on aspirations that have been lingering. The 11th house relates to the 3rd part of the legs, the calves, and shins. The 11th house corresponds with Aquarius. The air quality gives this house some volatile characteristics (aspiration, hopes), Saturn represents the return of good investments made in life (such as building up a. pension). It also adds older siblings and older people in general.

What does Sun represent in Astrology?

Sun in Astrology represents the soul. This can be read in the most flexible and general

sense of the word. The word soul is used for the deepest and truest nature, for the ultimate sense of identity, inspiration, and aspiration. Surya signifies one's essential attributes - the sense of self, ego, self-esteem, a sense of purpose, and so on. Energies and conditions that arise from the Sun's placement in a horoscope, along with the influences that the Sun receives, will be experienced in life as deep, long-term trends and processes that impact one's life as a whole.

Auspicious Results of Sun in 11th House in Astrology

  • One with Sun in 11th House will be saintly, religious, scholarly, and knowledgeable in music.
  • One will be attractive and will have beautiful eyes.
  • One will be wealthy, strong, happy, egoistic, meditative, saintly, and well-behaved.
  • One will talk less but will be skilled at speech. Due to the king’s benevolence, one may be a high official and may attain royal authority to take one’s own decisions. Sources of acquiring wealth are created.
  • One with Sun in 11th House attains wealth suddenly or through the government.
  • One is endowed with vehicles and servants. The person attains gold, ornaments, and good clothes.
  • One is blessed with a spouse and son. One has the best of worldly comforts and happiness. The native is busy in the accumulation of wealth.
  • One is successful in any work one may take up. One will be talented himself and appreciates the talents in others.
  • One is long-lived. At the age of 25, one acquires a vehicle.
  • One has firm and trustworthy friends. The native will have children, a spouse, and sudden gain of wealth.

Inauspicious Results of Sun in 11th House in Astrology

  • One may be lean and weak. People envy and oppose him.
  • One may have to suffer the mourning of a dear one.
  • Children will be few and troublesome.
  • There will be obstacles in the birth of a son.
  • The elder brother might be troubled.
  • One with Sun in 11th House will suffer from stomach ailments.
  • There will be excessive expenditure .
  • Life might be problematic.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

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