Sun and Mars Conjunction in Astrology

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Sun and Mars Conjunction

When the Sun and Mars are in conjunction, it gives a very fiery, intimidating, and bold persona to the person, especially in the area of life where the Sun and Mars are sitting. These people are determined because the will of Mars is now at the soul level which the Sun represents.

Sun in Astrology represents the soul. This can be read in the most flexible and general sense of the word. The word soul is used for the deepest and truest nature, for the ultimate sense of identity, inspiration, and aspiration. Surya signifies one’s essential attributes – the sense of self, ego, self-esteem, sense of purpose, and so on.
Mars in Astrology is our will power and vitality. Mars represents our ability to take action towards something. It also represents the anger we carry within us, as a soldier needs to have a certain level of anger within him to fight and win the battle.

Characteristics Sun and Mars Conjunction:

  • Being courageous is nothing new to these people as they dive into challenges in the heat of the moment.
  • This combination of the king and soldier shows someone dedicated towards serving the kingdom or government.
  • You will find these people not only in political office, but they can be working as policemen, generals, emergency physicians, or as secret agents.
  • These are very confident people who walk with pride.
  • The ego of this person emits a vivid energy, because the Sun is ego and Mars is energy. So the ego is filled with energy.
  • When the ego sets a goal, in this case the Sun, then Mars, the soldier planet, goes and fights the battle to achieve that goal.
  • You will see a lot of CEOs and venture capitalists with this conjunction as they are brave enough to take chances on the things their ego believes in.
  • But one has to remember, these two are very hot planets in conjunction. If these two planets sit or aspect the ascendant, 2nd House and 12th House, this person can be very angry with a short fuse. When they walk into a room angry, the temperature goes up.
  • If the Moon is sitting with this conjunction, making it a triple conjunction, you can bet this person is always screaming and yelling at their employees, family, and subordinates.
  • The level of anger will depend upon the sign they are placed in.
  • If either one is debilitated, it will make the person constantly on edge.

What is Mars in Astrology?

  • Mars is a soldier who stands for his beliefs. Wherever it is placed in your horoscope, you stand for those beliefs, and that’s where you energy goes.
  • Mars is energy. It’s our will power and vitality. Mars represents our ability to take action towards something.
  • It also represents the anger we carry within us, as a soldier needs to have a certain level of anger within him to fight and win the battle.
  • In this day and age, Mars represents policemen, soldiers, athletes, warlords, arms dealers, and fighters, along with manufacturing, accidents, injuries, and dealing with explosives.
  • Mars also represents male friends and the Sun represents royalty, so these people can be in contact with friends  who are of a higher status in society, perhaps sons of politicians and celebrities.

What is the Sun in Astrology?

  • Sun in Astrology represents the Soul, so it tells us how conscious we are of our soul’s unbounded, enlightened nature.
  • A Sun that is very well placed in the chart can indicate a particular clarity about spiritual matters, and an unperturbed sense of who we are deep inside.
  • Having this “solar light” shining brightly brings self-confidence, personal power, leadership and health.
  • When the Sun is in a challenging position in Vedic Astrology, this light will not shine as much, and it is hard for the individual to trust that the core of their being is the individualized reflection of the divine light.
  • Not experiencing the connection with one’s own inner source of power will then lead to weak self-confidence, challenging relationships with authorities, and difficulty in balancing one’s ego with that of others.

What are Conjunctions in Astrology?

Conjunction simply means union of planets. In any birth chart, when two or more planets are sitting in the same house, they are considered in conjunction. There are all types of conjunctions: loose conjunctions, exact conjunctions, close conjunctions and virtual conjunctions.

What does a conjunction really do in an astrological birth chart? They give meaning to your life and set a purpose. They either take away things or give you things. There are positive and negative effects of conjunction. Positive effects are known as yogas and negative effects are known as doshas.

Planets are simply energies, and when two different types of energy come together, they create a new type of energy or a mutant energy. The new type of energy brings a situation in your life that fulfills the destiny of that conjunction.

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