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People born in Revati Nakshatra in Astrology are Sensitive, Compassionate, Caring, Giving, Selfless in Nature, Lover of Small Pets Independent, With Respected Presence, Unaffected by Pressure, Calm and Centered, Soft Spoken Extremely Deep and Spiritual, Dreamy, Imaginative, Intuitive, Believing in the Inner Voice and Reflective in Nature Understanding the Larger Scope, Detached from the Earthly Plane, Knowing Behind the Physical, Great Spiritual Understanding Well Educated,

Revati nakshatra in astrology is one of Tiryaka Mukhi Nakshatras (or the Nakshatras with their mouths curved). In these nakshatras, things related to roads, dams, the expansion of metals, chariots, boats, etc., can be auspiciously begun and performed.

Revati Nakshatra in Astrology | VidhyaMitra Vedic Astrology |
Revati Nakshatra in Astrology

Symbol: A Mrudhangam (Indian Drums)

The symbol for Revati is Mrudhangam, or drum. This indicates that the babies can recognize your voice because they know it since they are in the womb.

Deity: The Pushan

Pushan is the deity of Revati. Pushan is one of the Aadhithya. He is a god of meetings. He is responsible for marriages, journeys, paths, and cattle feeding.
He conducts souls to other worlds or from another world to this world. He protected travellers from bandits and wild beasts. He also protected men from being exploited by other men. He is a protector of livestock. Goats pull his chariot. As you remember, Rudhra was excluded from the Daksha Yadnya, so he sent his incarnation Veerabhadhra to Daksha Yadnya. Veerabhadhra, in anger, pierced the sacrifice of Daksha Yadnya with an arrow and broke Pushan’s teeth because he attempted to eat the part of the oblation.

Range346⁰ 20” – 360⁰
YogatharaZeta Piscium
PositionMiddle of Revathi
Apparent magnitude5.24
Latitude-0⁰ 12” 48
Longitude356⁰ 1” 13’’
Right ascension1h 13m 28.2s
Declination+7⁰ 32” 56’

Characteristics of Revati Nakshatra in Astrology

  • The person is handsome, well proportioned body, heavy build.
  • The person always thinking about his home.
  • The person is charming, bright, heroic, brave, generous, helps others.
  • The person is intelligent, scholarly, learned, candid, capable, quick, independent in pursuing any jobs.
  • The person is pure in mind, has control over his senses, wise.
  • The person is wealthy, earns money through virtuous means.
  • The person is endowed with good qualities.
  • The person is fickle.
  • The person moves in foreign lands.
  • The person practices irreligious things.
  • The person is endowed with grandeur, proud, talks angrily.
  • The person enjoys life, sexy, enjoys pleasures, lose women.
  • The person will ever promote quarrels, will speak ill, dirty.

Attributes of Revati Nakshatra in Astrology

  • Spread from 16'40" up to 30'00" degree in Meena Rashi.
  • Lord is Guru. Pushan is the keeper of Cows of the Gods; this causes Cow keeping and animal husbandry, protection and nourishing of dependants, foster-father, etc.
  • Pusha means the cherishing of protected people, nourishment, excellence, increase, etc., material enjoyment, wealth, prosperity, superfluity, being fat.
  • The native of this star advances by leaps and bounds. This is the birth star of Shani.
  • Anthropomorphically this is the cavity of the abdomen, groins of Kalapurusha.

Description of Revati Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Treatise

  • According to Hora Sara: The native of Revati Nakshatra will enjoy a full span of life, be fortunate, be at the disposal of women, will have self-respect and pride, will be full of spirit, very courageous and spiteful.
  • According to Jataka Parijata: If a person is born in (Revati), he will have a broad mark on his person, will be love-sick, lovely, clever in counsel, will have sons, family, and friends, and will enjoy steady, continuous prosperity.
  • According to Sage Narada: One born in Revati will be charming, rich, will enjoy pleasures, be scholarly, very proud, heroic, and will live in foreign lands.
  • According to Brihat Samhita: The star Revati makes one have a symmetrical body (a perfect body), attractive, heroic, pure, and wealthy.

Revati Nakshatra Pada Description

Revati Nakshatra 1st Pada:

  • They are born in the first Pada of Revati Nakshatra are learned in scriptures, wise, loved by relatives, reserved, and loved by womenfolk. They are endowed with a circle of friends, cows and are handsome. They are givers, brave, and soft-spoken.
  • They are born in the first Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Calm, Optimistic, Possessing an Easygoing Side, Spiritual and Generous Philosophical, Looking at The World Analytically and Logic, See the World in a Broad Sense.
  • They are born in the first Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Wanting to Teach Others How to Unlock their Imagination, Creative Arts, Teaching Singing, Music, Art, Acting, Etc.
  • They are born in the first Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Tendency to Get Carried Away, Can be Fanatical.

Revati Nakshatra 2nd Pada:

  • Those born in the Second Pada of Revati Nakshatra are angry, handsome, duffers, interested in doing dirty
    jobs, capable of developing differences amongst friends, recollect the help rendered by others, deceivers, and quarrelsome. They do not pride always, speak untruth, bad, drunkards and without relatives.
  • Those born in the Second Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Disciplined, Practical, Organized, Focused on Work and Career Ambitious in Creativity, Working Hard towards Realizing Imagination.
  • Those born in the Second Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Doing What it Takes to be Bring Ideas to a Functional State Wanting to Make Something that Benefits Society, Wanting to make a Functional career.
  • Those born in the Second Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Attaining Material Comforts, Enjoying Luxuries in Life.

Revati Nakshatra 3rd Pada:

  • Those born in the Third Pada of Revati Nakshatra are gamblers, chatter-boxes, candid with all, truthful, givers, stingy, unloved by many, brave, and suffer from varied difficulties. They are famous but develop friction with their relatives.
  • Those born in the Third Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Applying Imagination to Creativity, True Visionaries, Analytical, Logical Applied to Sciences and Technology.
  • Those born in the Third Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Using Imagination to Help Society, Social Welfare Engineer, Trying to Sell Society on Their Outside Box Ideas.
  • Those born in the Third Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Struggles of Practicality against Spiritual and Imaginative Side Mad Scientist, Creative Ideas Outside the Bounds of Reality, May not be Profitable, Might Bankrupt Self with Ideas.

Revati Nakshatra 4th Pada:

  • Those born in the Fourth Pada of Revati Nakshatra are learned, brave, philosophers, experts in worshipping gods. They perform Yagnyas (sacrifices), wise, respected, and possess control over their senses
  • Those born in the Fourth Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Spiritual, Very Intuitive, Working Toward Calmness, Being One with Everything, Possible Psychic Power, Interest in Metaphysics, Astrology, Dreams.
  • Those born in the Fourth Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Dreamer by Nature, Great Utilization of Imagination, Engaged in Creative Arts, Creating Arts according to Own Image.
  • Those born in the Fourth Pada of Revati Nakshatra are Creating Artistic Works of Music, Singing, Writing, Poetry, Sculpting Preferring one one one Situations, Maybe Withdrawn from Society, Potential Success comes in Seclusion or Foreign Lands.

Sun’s Ingress (April 1 – April 13) for Revati Nakshatra

  • The Sun enters Revati on April 1 and remains there till April 13. If you are born during this period, your Sun is in Revati Nakshatra. Matsya Jayanti occurs during this period. Matsya Avatar is the first Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Matsya means a fish.
  • The Sun was in Meena Rashi, and the Moon was in Vrishabha Rashi at the birth of Matsya Avatar. The Meena means the fish. This Avatar was born when the Sun is in Revati Nakshatra, and the Moon is in Kritika Nakshathra. Krittikais the first Nakshatra and considered as Yugarambha or an epoch.

Tree for Revati: Mahua

A tree for Revati is Mahua, Mahula, butter tree, or Madhuca indica. Mahua flowers are edible. They are used to manufacture jaggery and jam. It is used for creating an alcoholic drink. Mahua oil is used to make soaps and candles. Mahua trees host a Tussar silkworm. Its flowering season is from February to April. Flowers are also used as a fermentation agent in Ayurvedic medicines. If a snake hole is observed to the north of the Mahua tree, then the water source will be at a distance of 7.5 feet to the west of the snake hole at a depth of 45 feet. This would be an ever-running foamy water stream.

Applications of Mahua

  • It improves lactation. The tea of Mahua flowers is beneficial for nursing mothers.
  • Mahua flowers can also relieve chronic bronchitis and cough.
  • Dried flowers along with milk treat weakness of nerves and diseases of the neuromuscular system.
  • Fresh juice of flowers treats hypertension. It is also effective in increasing sperm count.
  • Liquid extract of bark and water is gargled to cure bleeding gums.

Astronomical Information of Revati Nakshatra

  • Almost all astronomers agree that Zeta Piscium is the Yogathara of Revati.
  • It is a binary star system. It is a yellow-white star considered an average temperature star.

Remedies for Revati Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

FeedSplit lentil or dal
VrathamThrichakalpa Sooryanamaskara, Ravivar Vratham,
Vedic SookthamPushna Sooktham, Thrisuparna Mantrani, Madhu Sooktham

Revati Nakshatra Compatibility in Astrology

Sign (Rashi)compatibility of Revati Nakshatra Bride or Groom

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Nakshatra Compatibility of Revati Nakshatra Bride

  • Aries: Ashwini*, Bharani*
  • Taurus: Rohini, Mrigashirsha*
  • Gemini: Mrigashirsha, Aardhra, Punarvasu
  • Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya*
  • Leo: Poorva, Uttara
  • Virgo: Utthara, Hasta, Chitra
  • Scorpio: Anuradha*, Jyeshta. Sagittarius: Moola, Poorvashada*, Uttarashada
  • Capricorn: Uttarashada, Shravana, Dhanishta
  • Pisces: Poorvabhadhrapada*, Uttarabhadrapada

Nakshatra Compatibility of Revati Nakshatra Groom

  • Aries: Ashwini*, Bharani*
  • Taurus: Rohini, Mrigashira*
  • Gemini: Mrugasheersha*, Ardra, Punarvasu
  • Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya*
  • Leo: Poorva*, Uttara*
  • Virgo: Uttara, Hasta*, Chitra
  • Scorpio: Anuradha*, Jyeshta
  • Sagittarius: Moola*, Poorvashada*, Uttharashada
  • Capricorn: Uttarashada, Shravana,Dhanishta
  • Aquarius: Poorvabhadrapada
  • Pisces: Poorvabhadrapada*, Uttharabhadrapada*

Compatibility Factors of Revati Nakshatra

  • Nadi: Aanthya or last.
  • Gana (nature): Dev or god.
  • Yoni (animal symbol): Gaja or elephant.
  • Result of wearing new clothes on Revati Nakshatra: Earning in jewellery.
  • Result of first menses on Revati Nakshatra: Religious, well-known, virtuous, determined, and gets happy children.
  • Result of performing shraddha on Revati Nakshatra: Acquisition of cattle.
  • Beneficial activities on Revati: Wearing new clothes and jewellery, stage performance, art, and craft, meeting friends, romance, washing precious clothes for the first time, beginning of new construction, plantation, selling, marketing, digging a well or a borewell, begin learning dance, starting a new job, monetary investment, ploughing, sowing seeds and entering a new property.
  • Beneficial samskara or ceremonies on Revati: Naming, first solid feeding to baby, piercing, haircut, manicure, pedicure, threading, first shave of a baby, introducing letters to a baby, threading ceremony, Anugraha, Deeksha, and wedding.

Summary of Revati Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Dasha RulerMercury
Symbol a vulva
Deity God of protection
Rulership aquatic products, fruits and flowers, salt, gems, conch shell, pearls, lotuses, perfumes, flowers, traders and sailors (or helmsmen).
Work profileFarmer
Moon in Revatithe person has well developed limbs, looks lovely and graceful, is a hero, pure and wealthy.
NatureMridu (soft)
PurusharthaMoksha or enlightenment

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