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Mars in Cancer

Mars is a macho man. It is a soldier that needs to be given a sword and a shield to go out in the world to fight for something. It represents energy and is a very strong planet. Mars represents toughness, whereas the zodiac sign Cancer is related to emotional dealings and softness. It is a sign that knows only one instinct – the motherly instinct. The native of Mars in Cancer would probably cook and take care of someone who’s going for a fight rather than fighting themselves. Mars and Cancer are very different in their cores. This makes Mars very debilitated in Cancer. It feels like when someone puts a soldier in the kitchen and asks them to do all the chores. Mars is lost in this sign.

Characteristics of Mars in Cancer

  • Mars in Cancer is very uncomfortable and weak. It feels very disconnected from the values and traits of Cancer. It feels like a soldier is put amongst people who are very caring and emotional.
  • Mars being the strong planet, feels very lost because of Cancer’s motherly nourishment and emotions.
  • Cancer, which is the sign of the moon, is associated with a very disciplined and good mother—someone who was very educated to the child. Mars does not want to be emotional.
  • Mars here knows that they can’t go to the battlefield, and now their home is the kitchen, and their duty is the kid. Mars, thus, becomes very clever here, whereby it strategises and takes charge of the environment.
  • It takes control of the kitchen through political tricks. It manipulates others and the situation and order around. It becomes a control freak. It represents people whose homes had manipulative people. It represents a family who might have been abusive.
  • In today’s world, a debilitated Mars is fruitful because others can’t manipulate the natives.
  • When Mars is in the homeland, it protects it without any emotions or questions.
  • If it is debilitated in the fourth house, it can denote to the people who might scam someone.
  • If it is debilitated in the seventh house, that might represent a cheating partner.
  • Mars helps anyone who wants to do business because there is no question of morals or emotions.
  • In the corporate world, a Mars in any house would help the native in living easily. The three nakshatras in Cancer- Purna Vasu, Pushya, and Ashlesha play a major role in how the sign works. So, Mars behaves differently in every nakshatra. In Purna Vasu, he becomes a teacher and spreads the wisdom of anything into his brothers and friends.
  • In Pushya, Mars is a little more controlled and careful. It is disciplined comparatively. It is less of a manipulator.
  • In the last nakshatra, Mars has an outburst. The emotions of Mars go haywire here, and if anything goes wrong, the native of Cancer with Mars won’t spare anyone.

What does Mars signifies in Astrology?

  • Mars signifies energy in Astrology. Therefore it shows us how closely we are linked to the tremendous warmth of our cosmic light source. A well-placed Mars in Astrology will provide lots of energy to the native, flowing warmly, protecting and restoring them.
  • Wherever action, strategy, or daring moves are required, the native gives light. In times of conflict or a lack of energy, a poorly conditioned Mars makes it challenging to see the light.
  • The ability to connect with nature’s limitless energy is becoming more complex, less frequent, and less noticeable.
  • Mars is associated with energy, assertiveness, and the ability to take action in astrology. It illustrates how people use energy on a variety of levels. It shows itself in mind as the ability to evaluate situations, and it may also be used to gauge the strength of one’s ambition. It emerges as physical energy and power in the body.
  • Mars in astrology indicates those ties in the social world that put the native’s power to the test, such as competitors and foes.
  • The position of Mars in an individual’s horoscope will reveal his level of energy and ambition. In Astrology, Mars represents the native’s willpower and ability to persevere in the face of challenges.
  • Mars represents our physical vitality, competitiveness, martial arts, fury, conflicts, tools, military, weapon manufacturing, general energy, cuts, burns, bruises, and blood in astrology. It symbolises one’s buddies, soldier, fighting skill, brother and brotherly figures in one’s life, and, most importantly, one’s willpower (or lack thereof).

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What does Cancer Sign signifies in Astrology?

Cancer is a Water sign, and as such, is associated with emotions, intuition, and imagination. Cancerians are known for their caring and dependable nature, as well as their responsiveness to the needs of others. They are also shrewd and intuitive, able to detect others’ good or bad intentions. However, Cancer’s strengths can also be seen as weaknesses; they can be oversensitive, manipulative, moody, selfish, and self-pitying. Cancer is also a sign of contradictions and mysteries. They are independent when they want things done yet they depend on others’ support for their emotional needs and encouragement. Trust does not come easily to Cancer.

  • Cancers are known for their caring nature and intuition
  • Cancerians are responsive to the needs of others
  • They have shrewd intuition and can detect others’ intentions
  • However, they can be oversensitive, manipulative, moody, and selfish

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