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How does Saturn affect one’s career and luck? 

The planet Saturn has a profound influence on one’s career and luck. According to astrology, Saturn is the planet of Karma, and its placement in a person’s birth chart can indicate whether an individual is destined for success or failure. The planet Saturn tests our ability to persevere through difficulties, and its influence can be seen in both our personal and professional lives.  

Those with a strong Saturn in their chart are often very successful, but they may also have to work hard for their success. Those with a strong Saturn therefore are mostly called hard workers who are able to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. They may face challenges and setbacks, but they eventually overcome them through perseverance.  

On the other hand, those with a weak Saturn may find that their career and luck are hindered by their own shortcomings. They may make poor choices or fail to take advantage of opportunities. Those with a weak Saturn placement may find themselves facing repeated setbacks and difficulty achieving their ambitions. However, if they can learn from their mistakes, they can eventually turn their luck around. 

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