How can you minimise the negative aspects of Saturn in your chart? 

Saturn is often associated with difficulties and setbacks. However, it is important to remember that Saturn is also a planet of discipline and structure. As such, it can actually be quite beneficial to have Saturn prominently placed in your birth chart. The key is to learn how to harness the positive aspects of Saturn and minimise the negative ones.  

  • One way to do this is to develop a strong sense of self-discipline. If you can learn to control your impulses and focus on your goals, you will be able to make great strides in life despite any challenges that come your way.  
  • Secondly, you can work with the energy of Saturn by doing shadow work. This involves delving into the aspects of yourself that you have been avoiding or that make you feel uncomfortable. By embracing the parts of yourself that Saturn represents, you can start to heal and transform them. 
  • Additionally, it is important to cultivate a deep understanding of the spiritual side of life. By connecting with a higher power, you will be able to better weather the storms that Saturn might bring into your life. 
  • Finally, you can work with the planets that are in aspect with Saturn in your chart. These planets will offer some relief and balance to the energies of Saturn.  

By working with all of these factors, you can start to minimise the negative aspects of Saturn in your chart. Ultimately, though Saturn might not always be easy, it can teach us valuable lessons if we are willing to learn from it. 

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