How does body relate to the Sun in astrology?

The Sun is a very important symbol in astrology. It represents our life force, our will to live and our creative power. It also signifies our personality, ego and sense of self. The Sun is associated with the Leo zodiac sign. Leo is a fire sign, which means that it is associated with warmth, enthusiasm and creativity.  In astrology, the Sun is considered to be a very positive and benevolent planet. It is associated with all things good, including health, vitality and happiness. 

There is a special connection between the Sun and the body in astrology. The Sun is said to be the “Soul of the World” and is associated with our consciousness, identity, and self-expression. The Sun also rules over our vitality, sense of purpose, and will power. So when we consider how the Sun relates to the body in astrology, we are really asking about how our consciousness, identity, vitality, and will power affect our physical bodies. 

The Sun is said to be most closely associated with the heart—both literally and figuratively. In other words, the Sun governs not only our physical heart but also our emotional heart. It’s no coincidence that cardiac problems are often connected with difficult aspects.

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