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What is the link between the sun and children? 

The sun has been linked with children since the beginning of time. In many cultures, the sun is seen as a symbol of new life, and it is often associated with childhood and innocence. For example, in Ancient Greece, the sun god Apollo was often depicted as a young boy. In Native American mythology, the sun is often portrayed as a young girl. In many ways, the sun embodies the energy and vitality of youth. It is no wonder that so many parents feel a special connection to their children when they see them playing in the sun. The sunlight seems to bring out the best in them, and it reminds us of our own childhoods.

There is something special about the sun that makes it the perfect source of inspiration for children. They are drawn to its warmth and light, and they seem to understand instinctively that it is a place of healing and hope. The sun has always been a symbol of new beginnings, and for children, it is a reminder that each day brings with it the promise of possibility. 

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