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How do we benefit from the sun in astrology?

In astrology, the sun is considered to be the planet of life and vitality. It is associated with warmth, energy, and growth. The sun also represents our ego, our will, and our sense of self. When the sun is strong in our chart, we are confident, optimistic, and ambitious. We feel able to take on whatever challenges come our way. The sun gives us the strength to follow our dreams and pursue our goals. However, when the sun is weakened or afflicted, we can feel lost, confused, and directionless. We may lack confidence and have difficulty asserting ourselves.

The sun also plays an important role in determining our relationship with our father. A strong sun indicates a good relationship characterized by love, respect, and mutual support. A weak or afflicted sun can indicate a difficult relationship or a strained relationship with our father figure. In general, the sun is a very positive influence in astrology and can help us to lead happy and fulfilling lives. 

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