How can we use our Solar energy to its fullest potential if we have a Sun in Astrology? 

The Sun is a star that is uniquely situated to be the centerpiece of our solar system and it bathes us in its life-giving energy. In astrology, the Sun is also a powerful symbol of who we are at our core. By harnessing the energy of the Sun, we can tap into our own personal power and potential.  

The Sun loves nothing more than to shine its light on our unique talents and gifts. When we use our solar energy to its fullest potential, we are living in alignment with our true nature. We radiate confidence and charisma, and people are naturally drawn to us.  

We are also able to manifest our desires more easily, as we are in tune with the creative power of the Universe. All it takes is a little time spent basking in the warm glow of the Sun to recharge our batteries and get back on track. 

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