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How can we use astrology to connect with our Higher Self?

According to astrology, our Higher Self is represented by the planet Neptune. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, faith, and inspiration. It is also the planet of dreams and imagination. By connecting with our Higher Self through astrology, we can tap into a source of wisdom and guidance that can help us live more fulfilled lives. 

Neptune is connected to the highest levels of consciousness, and it represents our ability to access this consciousness. When we connect with our Higher Self, we are able to tap into an infinite well of knowledge and understanding. We can use this connection to quiet our mind, connect with our intuition, and receive guidance on our life path. Astrology can help us to understand ourselves on a deeper level and access the wisdom of the cosmos. By attuning to the energy of Neptune, we can open ourselves up to a higher level of awareness and connect with our true purpose in life. 

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