Conjunction in Astrology | Planetary Conjunctions in Astrology

Conjunction in Astrology

Conjunction simply means the union of planets. Planetary conjunction in astrology happens when two or more planets occupy the same house in the birth chart. Benefic or malefic conjunction can occur depending on numerous circumstances, including the nature of the planets involved, their connection to one another, and the house or sign in which they are placed. The planet’s strength is also considered, as well as whether it is combust, retrograde, or direct.

There can be as many as seven or eight planets in the same house, but this is unusual. When determining how the planets interact, caution is required. Due to the conjunction, a Yoga or planetary combination may form, but if a malefic planet is active in the same house, the Yoga may not yield beneficial results for the native. When numerous weak or malefic planets conjunct in a house, the presence of a benefic planet can help to balance the situation. However, because of the malefic effect, its strength would be limited.

Types of Conjunction in Astrology

Multiple planets placed in one house denote life’s focus based on the house where the majority of the planets are located. However, due to the overwhelming attraction of a single house, there may be some imbalance in the native’s life.

The placement of the ruler of the house in which the conjunction of planets occurs is likewise crucial. It has a beneficial effect on the native if it is placed favourably. It has a tendency to strengthen other planets as well. However, if it is weakly positioned or under malefic influence, it is likely to produce negative consequences and worsen the issue.

Conjunctions form a special relationship called Yogas in Astrology. The conjunction of two or more planets results in a unique personality and events for each native.

Conjunctions can be tight or loose depending upon the variation in the degree of the planets. If two planets are more than 10 degrees apart, then it forms a loose conjunction which loosens the effects of the conjunction.

Two Planets Conjunction in Astrology

The way a planet affects us is determined not only by the house and sign it is in, but also by the planets it is associated with. The energies of two planets are correlated when they are positioned next to each other. Friends, enemies, or neutral, the outcome is the product of their collective energy and interaction with one another.

  • The exact outcomes are also determined by the planets’ rulership. When a malefic planet is in conjunction with a benefic planet, the benefic planet may suffer from the malefic’s negative influence and become less effective. 
  • If the benefic planet is well-placed, such as exalted, in its own sign, or aspected by other benefic planets, the malefic planet may not be as powerful.
  • Yogas are frequently formed when two planets align. For example, Sun and Mercury conjunction gives rise to Budhaditya Yoga. Wisdom, communication, and intelligence are all enhanced by this Yoga. 
  • Also, Gaj Kesari Yoga is formed as a result of Moon and Jupiter conjunction. It bestows great power, spiritual inclination, wisdom, and intellect upon the native. 

Three Planets Conjunction in Astrology

Whether a planet is placed alone in a house or with other planets determines how it affects the native. Similarly, the influence of two planets conjunction significantly differs from the effect of three planets conjunction in the birth chart. 

  • The native becomes a multi-tasker when three planets conjunct in significant houses such as the 1st (ascendant), 5th, 7th, 9th, or 10th house. Such a native is capable of pursuing multiple interests, hobbies, and occupations. 
  • The influence of any unfavorable aspects of other planets is lessened if the three planet conjunction is positive. However, it is dependent on how the planets are arranged and which house they are in.
  • When the ‘dasha’ of a single planet begins, the remainder of the two planets are also active, providing many more benefits to the house of placement. It can, however, go the other way if the combination is negative, and the unfavorable effects can grow.

Four Planets Conjunction in Astrology

It’s more difficult to comprehend the energy of a group of planets than it is to read the energy of a single planet in a home. Four planets in one house do not occur regularly. This is because four planets collide only a few times a year. The house in which these planets are situated is quite important. Depending on the lordship of the planets involved, the conjunction of four planets usually has mixed consequences.

  • The planet carries the meaning of the house in which its own signs are situated. For example, If a planet rules the 8th house, and is in conjunction with other planets, the lordship may have a negative impact on the other planets as 8th house is considered a malefic house.
  • The events linked with that house are multiplied when many planets are conjunct. For example, if four planets are in the 11th house (the house of gains), the native may earn from multiple sources, but this placement will also result in a high level of demands and expectations.
  • If the conjunction of four planets occurs in the 10th house (the house of profession) and is malefic, the native will have ups and downs in business or numerous job changes.
  • Whether the outcomes of the conjunction are positive or bad is determined by the planets’ lordship, degrees, aspects, as well as whether they are afflicted or debilitated in any way.

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