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Characteristics of February Born in Numerology

Ruling Planet of February Born in Numerology

Natives born in February are governed by the planet Saturn.

Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius

The Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius starts on 21 January and ends on 18 February. However, 7 days from 21st to 28 January are in the cusp and hence are influenced by the previous sign, while from 18 February to 25 February overlaps the sign of Pisces. Those born on the point take qualities from both signs.

Characteristic Traits of February Born

  • The natives born in February are distinctive and individualistic.
  • They have great intelligence, which is somewhat marred by shyness and hesitation.
  • They value honour and prestige but tend to be oversensitive.
  • They usually feel lonely in life.
  • They are spontaneous judges of character.
  • They have warm feelings, but they cannot demonstrate their love.
  • They are loyal to their friends.
  • They are high-strung, and their nerves are overwrought. They tend to lose control.
  • They work hard to lessen the sorrow of others and are very active in public.
  • They have an excellent capacity to be logical and rational.
  • They usually succeed when the field of action is large.
  • They have vision and creativity.
  • They actively participate in public gatherings because they love crowds.
  • They have extreme contradictions in character. They are exceptionally high strung but have an enormous soothing effect on tense and insane people. They can subdue others merely with their eyes.
  • The natives do not know how to use money creatively.
  • They let opportunities slip by and suffer later.
  • The lower types of this month lack principles and they are dishonest and lack in scruple.
  • The higher types have objectivity and a humane attitude. They are good friends and provide wise advice.
  • They never try to control human beings though they do observe them minutely. They are prepared to accept faults in others with a wry smile and a good-humoured tolerance.
  • They seek truth and are themselves honest. They probe values deeply but in an amicable manner.
  • They hate narrow minds and are themselves large-hearted, and this makes them popular and humane. A fine blend of creativity and intuition can make them successful.

February Born In Numerology

Personality Traits of February Born in Numerology

Health Problems that February Born Might Face

Natives born in February suffer from stomach disorders, the delicacy of the eyes, throat disorders, weak heart and poor circulation.

Career Options for February Born in Numerology

They must undertake the following vocations:

  • Science (astrophysics and electricity)
  • Politics
  • Flying
  • Medicine (especially psychiatry)
  • Musicians, actors, writers and painters
  • Work in charitable institutions and social organisations
  • Technical aspects of broadcasting and television

Lucky Friendship and Marriage Partners for February Born 

Their best friends and marriage partners are born between 21 May and 20 June and between 21 September and 27 November. They also have a natural attraction to natives born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month.

Financial Position of February Born

Natives born in February are excellent in business and finance, provided they apply their mind to it. The problem is that they rarely do and let opportunities slip by.

Lucky Colours of February Born

Their lucky colours are electric blues and electric greys, as well as green and black.

Lucky Days of February Born

Their lucky day is Saturday.

Lucky Numbers of February Born

Their lucky numbers are 4 and 8.

Lucky Gem of February Born

Their lucky gem is the blue sapphire.

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