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What is the loka (world) associated with Sun in Astrology?

In the Vedic tradition, the Sun is associated with the loka, or world, of Surya. This world is said to be the abode of truth, knowledge, and clarity. Those who dwell in this world are said to be able to see clearly and know the truth about themselves and the universe. They are also said to be able to access great power and energy, which they can use for good or for ill.  

The Sun is considered to be the most important planet. It represents our consciousness and our ability to grow and expand. The Sun is also associated with the soul and our connection to the Divine. The Sun is also associated with enlightenment, and those who live in this world are said to be able to attain spiritual liberation. In short, the loka of Surya is a world of great potential, where those who dwell there can tap into great power and knowledge. 

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