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Rahu in Astrology

What is the impact of Rahu on health?

What is the impact of Rahu on health?

The planet Rahu holds a powerful position in astrology, playing an important role in determining the health of an individual. As one of nine planets in Vedic astrology, the North Node (Rahu) is known for its effect on both physical and mental states.

Impact of Rahu on Health:

At a physical level, Rahu brings about an increased risk of illness and injury, particularly when it transits through weak houses or signs - particularly if aspected by malefic like Saturn and Mars.

  • This includes inflammations or infections that do not respond to regular treatments such as fever or colds/coughs.
  • It can also cause digestive issues such as weight gain, acidity, and indigestion.
  • Additionally, pain anywhere along your body from head to toe could be linked to Rahu's transitory effects on our bodily systems - this could also manifest itself as exhaustion due to loss of vital energy rather than actual physical pain.

On the mental side of things, since Rahu tends to create chaos in our lives throughout its journey through different houses and zodiac signs, it can lead to emotional turbulence, including fearfulness and anxiety caused by intense emotions that may suddenly arise without proper management skills being available at our disposal—resulting in even worse outcomes such as depression or insomnia (of course depending upon overall planetary alignment).

It is thus important that one takes precautions while under this influence so they are less likely subjected to any undue negative impacts: meditation; yogic postures; deep-breathing techniques; chanting mantras, etc., will all help you balance out this particular energy within you more harmoniously on a spiritual level whilst still grounding yourself firmly into reality with material security for the smooth transition period during which Rahu holds notable sway over your life’s destiny!

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