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The different aspects of Rahu’s energy that can be harnessed for good 

The shadow planet Rahu is known for its influences of obsession, temptation, and betrayal. However, this energy can also be used in positive ways. By channeling Rahu’s obsessional tendencies, we can become single-minded in our pursuits and dedicated to our goals. It can also bring about abrupt change and inspiration, pushing us out of our comfort zones and leading to personal transformation.

When harnessed correctly, Rahu’s temptations can lead us to expand our horizons and explore new experiences. And when faced with a betrayal or difficult situation, the energy of Rahu can encourage us to break free from limitations and see things from a new perspective.

On a more spiritual level, Rahu’s energy can help us let go of attachments and break away from harmful patterns and habits. By recognizing and utilizing all aspects of Rahu’s energy, we can balancing the shadows and harness them for good.