What is Lord in Astrology? | 12 Houses in Astrology and Their Lords

12 Houses in Astrology and Their Lords

In Vedic astrology, the Lord is also known as Ruler and Swami. It is a term that’s used in relation to houses. In an astrological birth chart, there are 12 divisions called houses. Each of the 12 houses in astrology and their lords provides us with information about many aspects of our lives such as marriage, income, health, career etc.

Each of the 12 signs is a natural ruler of a certain house. A planet rules each sign, and that planet is referred to as the ruler or lord of that house. 

In Vedic Astrology, the Lord of a house is determined by a sign in that house. The house lords reign over each area of life, for example, the 5th house rules over progeny, and Jupiter as the karaka or natural significator governs over progeny or childbirth in a native’s life. Venus, or Shukra, rules the 7th house, which includes marriage. 

It is important to note that for each native, the lord or the ruler of a particular house will be different depending upon the ascendant or the rising sign. 

12 Houses in Astrology and Their Lords

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