Yogas in Astrology

What is Daridra Yoga in Astrology?

Many yogas and doshas are formed in our birth chart by placements of particular planets in particular houses with certain conjunctions and particular aspects from which Daridra Yoga is one of the inauspicious yoga that gives terrible results to the native who has this.

Daridra yoga gives challenges in financial matters in the life of the native.

Daridra Yoga in Astrology

The word Daridra means poor or bagger implies someone who doesn’t have money and financial possessions in life, and without money, the person lives a miserable life they feel a lack of everything. Hence, in this way, this is one of the most inauspicious yoga.

How Daridra Yoga is formed?

Daridra yoga is formed when the house or the lord of the 2nd and 11th house is poorly placed, aspected or debilitated in the native’s birth chart.

But there are some exceptions as below mentioned:

  • For example, if Mars is placed in the 8th house in Leo, then Capricorn is in the ascendant Mars rules the 4th and 11th house here; it is benefic and robust; hence Daridra yoga may not be formed in this case. In contrast, the native will get good results related to the profession. Depending upon their placements, they can become doctors, lawyers, police officers, army officers, air force officers, politicians, and ministers.
  • One more example is if a debilitated Jupiter is placed in the 12th house in Capricorn, Jupiter rules the eleventh house, and it is weak. Hence strong daridra yoga is formed in this case. So such people will face significant financial problems unless there are other beneficial aspects.
  • Taking one more example, if Mercury is placed in the 12th house in Libra in Pisces navamsa of Swati nakshatra Scorpio rises in the ascendant here Mercury rules the 11th house and is not comfortable in the sign of Pisces; hence strong Daridra Yoga is formed, and the person faces big financial problems.
  • The strength of this yoga depends upon 11th house lord placements in different signs and nakshatras.
  • When mahadasha of benefic planets are in effect, the effects of daridra yoga may reduce. When maha Dasha of malefic planets runs other than the 11th and 2nd house, it increases the impact of Daridra yoga.

What are the significance and effects of this yoga? | Daridra Yoga Effects

  • Native get acute financial crises, wealth loss, jobs, prestige, and many other hardships.
  • They will not be able to accumulate and save money.
  • They will face loss in business.
  • They will lose their money in legal issues.
  • They face thefts of their valuable things and money.
  • Someone can deceive them for their money.
  • They may need to spend a lot of money on the health of their family members and themselves a lot.
  • They may lose their paternal property or may not get their ancestors’ properties.
  • During the antardasha and mahadasha of the 2nd and 11th house, natives suddenly faced financial falls.
  • If the planet-forming this yoga is in conjunction with a benefic planet or having aspect by the benefic planet, harmful effects will be reduced. But if it is in conjunction or aspected by the malefic planet, then yoga will lead to more hardship in the life of the individuals. The natives can reduce the impact of malefic results of yoga in their life by opting for easy remedial solutions suggested by expert astrologers.

Daridra Yoga Remedies

  • Keep a lamp lit in the home and do prayer at the time of evening.
  • Keep Kuber yantra at home and in the office for success in business.
  • Do prayers of goddess Laxmi and Vishnu.
  • Feed hungry people on a full moon day.
  • Donate food every Sunday and Thursday.
  • Offer hawan to lord kuber.

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