Yogas in Astrology

What is Amala Yoga in Astrology?

Many yogas and doshas are formed in our birth chart by placements of particular planets in particular houses with certain conjunctions and specific aspects. Amala yoga is one of the essential and well-known yogas in astrology.

Amala Yoga in astrology is considered a very rare yoga as it is not found in every second chart; it gives good luck to the natives related to their profession.

Amala Yoga in Astrology

There is some excellent yoga from which this is one of the vital yoga that makes the native prosper in professional and many fields of life.

Native experiences peace and happiness through the good deeds of their past life; as a result, they got this yoga in their birth chart to reap the results in this life.

Amala yoga is related to the 10th house benefic placements in the native’s birth chart.

How Amala Yoga is formed?

  • Amala yoga is formed when benefic planets like Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon are placed in the 10th house from the Moon sign or Ascendant.
  • If in the 10th house the benefic planet is conjunct with the malefic planet, then the result of the yoga will be diminished.
  • If there are any malefic aspects on the 10th house in any way, then the result will not be the same native will not benefit from the yoga.
  • We should check the strength of the yoga by seeing the planet’s power placed in the 10th house check-in which nakshatra it is placed in to check what if that planet is at its right degrees to be beneficial check if there are other supports of benefic planets in the chart.
  • One should analyze the whole chart before coming to the result, as it may give the right idea just by seeing one placement.

What are the significance and effects of this yoga? | Amala Yoga Effects

  • Amala Yoga is very auspicious for career and business success.
  • Only a few people are born with amala yoga without any nasty afflictions.
  • Native gets win in almost every sphere of their life.
  • Native is engaged in acts of charity and are appreciated for their good deeds.
  • They are famous for their philanthropic activities other than their financial and career success.
  • Native is very popular and respected in society for their kindness, benevolence, and charitable nature.
  • They have good moral conduct and support righteousness.
  • They are lucky in their professional matters.
  • During the Mahadasha and antardasha of 10th house native, Amala yoga will benefit.
  • A different planet placed in the 10th house gives different results.
  • As if: benefic Jupiter is placed in 10th house native will be a tremendous pioneering personality with the dignified, authoritative and respected position in society and workplace. They will be good orators, visionary mass leaders, good imaginative skills and wisdom. They will get fame and success in their careers like teachers, professors, scholars, astrologers, political leaders, and motivational speakers.
  • As benefic Venus is placed in the 10th house native will be highly successful in modeling, television and entertainment industry he will be well known in the mass media industry. They will get perfect partners for marriage, and their married life will be happy.
  • As benefic Mercury is placed in the 10th house, then native will gain high success in engineering, accounting, banking, novel writing, and journalism. The person will be money-minded, cunning and miser. Native gets immense fame through social media and blogging. Native people become fond of traveling and wandering and he learns and earns from that so they can try to travel and write books. Also they can be successful as a food blogger and travel blogger. Huge people follow them, support them and love them.

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