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What is 11th House in Astrology

11th House in Astrology

The 11th House in Astrology shows gains of all kinds, hopes, wishes, power to achieve the desired goal and source of income. The tenth house shows career, rise & fall in career, but the eleventh house shows the big gains one will receive in his life in terms of wealth.

The 11th House in Vedic Astrology represents one’s actions, income and general fulfilment of desires. It also represents the years after the career is over, enjoyment of a pension, having time to spend with friends.

Physically, the eleventh house relates to the third part of the legs, the calves, and shins. The 11th house in birth chart is also known as the ‘Badhaka house’ and the house of wealth. Badha is a Sanskrit word that means “obstruction.” The placement of planets in the eleventh house determines the challenges and problems one will face in life. If there is a positive planetary placement in the eleventh house, one may be presented with numerous possibilities as well as a few hurdles, all of which he will be able to overcome.

Impact, Importance and Characteristics of 11th House in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the 11th house is considered auspicious. It is also known as the Labha House (or the house of gains). The eleventh house influences our interest in social activities. The eleventh house also has an impact on whether or not one will receive financial help from his friends and well-wishers.

The planetary position in the 11th house in astrology determines what sources of income the native may have and how he will be able to generate wealth. The eleventh house isn’t just about traditional ways to make money; it also includes unconventional ways to make money, such as speculation, inheritance, and so on. This house extensively covers one of the most significant areas of life, which is the availability and participation with monetary and financial obligations.

The eleventh house in astrology represents money, fortune, prosperity, unexpected gains and profits, and abundance. It also indicates whether or not your ambitions and wishes will be fulfilled. When it comes to materialistic needs and successes, as well as ambitions and their fulfilment, the eleventh house is quite important.

Role of Planets in the Eleventh House in Astrology

Aquarius is the zodiac sign linked with the eleventh house. Saturn is the ruling planet of the eleventh house. For the Moon, it is a weak planetary placement.

Understanding the role of planets in the eleventh house are discussed below:

  • The Sun in 11th house in astrology denotes a high level of ambition and excitement for achieving goals. If the native has the support of others, this planetary alignment can help him realise his dreams and achieve success.
  • The “inner self” is represented by the planet Moon. The Moon in 11th house directs the feelings toward others or the general public. The native will probably be a highly cooperative individual who works in social services a lot. He will form long-lasting friendships with people, and these connections come in handy later on.
  • With Jupiter in 11th house in astrology, the native will have a lot of friendly contacts who will support him whenever he needs it, and he will do the same. This planetary placement suggests a strong amount of idealism, hope, and love for larger causes. The native will always strive to achieve the greatest good for humanity by supporting social issues.
  • Venus in 11th house in astrology represents the native’s friendly personality. In social circles, and this makes him quite popular. The native is motivated by the desire to improve the world. There is a strong desire to support causes that help children, women, and animals. He enjoys pleasing others.
  • Mars in 11th house indicates that the natives will persevere in their efforts till they achieve their objectives. They will have a strong desire to lead social groups and are typically excellent at it. The native also have a natural ability to form friendships with new people. However, an upbeat and impulsive personality may work against the native at times, as others may take advantage of his openness.
  • Mercury in 11th house in astrology is associated with serious natives who respect intellectual collaboration. The native will have a preference towards people who are literary or scientifically minded. The native will have a knack for coming up with unique and effective ideas, and he enjoys sharing them with others through group participation. Mercury’s influence causes him  to value social achievement over professional or corporate power and drive.
  • Saturn’s position in the eleventh house indicates that one will be practical and dedicated to his efforts. This will awaken the possibility of being of value to others. Even though the native will meet a lot of people, it may be tough to build close ties. However, after establishing trust, he will be able to form long-lasting friendships. Afflicted or debilitated Saturn in 11th house may urge the native to be cautious, as his acquaintances may try to take advantage of him for their own gain.
  • With Rahu in 11th house in astrology, there will be high ambitions and a strong drive to succeed. The native will be energized and intensely competitive. The social networks will help the native achieve a competitive advantage in the business. On the other hand, Rahu has a tendency to encourage utilising unscrupulous methods to make money through social circles.
  • With Ketu in 11th house in astrology, the native is more likely to be successful in life. The native will be in a secure financial position. Natives born under this sign usually have little desires in life. He will keep a tiny circle of friends. In fact, being a part of a huge group will make him uncomfortable. He’ll have a restricted group of pals, and his social life will most likely be average.

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