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What does the sun govern in astrology?  

In astrology, the sun is the ruler of Leo. It is associated with the qualities of dominance, power, and authority. The sun is also associated with the principle of egotism, or self-assertion. In general, people who are influenced by the Sun tend to be ambitious and driven, with a strong desire for success and recognition. They are often natural leaders and may have a great sense of self-worth. 

The Sun governs our vitality, energy, life force and overall health in astrology. The Sun is linked to our personality, how we see the world and how we express ourselves. It’s also associated with creative endeavors, children, romance and animals. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is home to some of the fieriest personalities in astrology! 

The Sun is the most powerful planet in astrology. It governs our sense of identity and purpose. The Sun sign is the strongest influence in a person’s chart. The Sun is associated with success and fame. It is also associated with fatherhood, male energy, and initiation. When the Sun is strong in a person’s chart, they are confident and successful. They have a strong sense of self and are often gifted in creative pursuits. Individuals with a strong sun influence are often natural leaders who inspire others to be their best selves. 

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