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What are the sun’s qualities?

The sun is the giver of life. It provides warmth, energy, and light to sustain all forms of life on Earth. In addition, the sun is said to possess qualities that promote spiritual growth and enlightenment. For example, the sun is believed to help clear away negative energy and feelings, and to help us find our purpose in life. By soaking up its rays, we can connect with our highest selves and experience a sense of peace and wholeness. 

In astrology, the sun is associated with warmth, vitality, and creativity. It is seen as a life-giving force that can help us to overcome adversity and achieve our goals. The sun is also associated with our sense of self and our personal power. When the sun is strong in our chart, we are confident and radiant. We feel able to take on whatever challenges come our way.  

The sun is also associated with happiness, success, and good fortune. A well-aspected sun in our chart can bring us these things in abundance. The sun is truly a powerful force in astrology, and its blessings can be felt in all areas of our lives. 

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