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What are the negative aspects of Saturn? 

While Saturn is often seen as a positive force in astrology, it also has a dark side. Known as the “great malefic,” Saturn is associated with death, scarcity, and darkness. One of the most feared planets in astrology, Saturn is said to bring hardships and misfortune. It is linked to coldness, emptiness, and isolation. In its negative form, Saturn can represent all that is wrong with the world.  

Saturn is sometimes associated with problems and difficulties. However, Saturn is also the planet of karma, and it is believed that we reap what we sow. This means that if we have caused suffering in our past lives, we will experience suffering in this life.  

Saturn teaches us the importance of detachment, and it is only through detachment that we can transcend our suffering. By learning to let go of our attachments, we can free ourselves from the cycle of birth and death.  

However, it is important to remember that Saturn is also a planet of great change. It can help us to overcome our fears and limitations. In its positive form, Saturn represents growth, resilience, and determination. By working with Saturn’s energies, we can create positive change in our lives. 

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