Venus in 12th House in Astrology

Venus in 12th House in Astrology

Venus in 12th house is a house of losses; it could be monetary loss or loss of health. It represents spirituality, distance, travel, meditation, creativity, imagination, love, compassion, intimacy, addictions, expectations and passion.

Venus in 12th house in Astrology gives birth to someone who loves people more than material things. This particular position of Venus makes the person so spiritual that they tend to love everyone equally and not just one individual but the whole world. Venus in the 12th house in Vedic Astrology gives rise to spiritual leaders, writers, and physiologists who want to help and heal people.

Significance and Characteristics of Venus in 12th House in Astrology

  • Venus in the twelfth house signifies foreign land or distant lands. It represents the hidden talents of the native. Venus in the twelfth house defines unrealistic or hypothetical expectations regarding every aspect of the native’s life. Venus in the twelfth house is strong and helps the native get what he expects and desires.
  • The native will either find his partner in foreign lands or will get settled in distant lands after marriage. The native of Venus in the twelfth house builds a love theme or fantasies for their relationships.
  • The native encourages intimacy and embraces the pleasure of the same. The native is usually secretive about their love relationships/ affairs and avoids public display of affection in any way. Although some fluctuations are foreseeable, and the partner of the native could feel less affectionate or not satisfied with their relationship, which might lead to separation.
  • Venus in the twelfth house also represents creativity and artistic talents. The native of Venus in the twelfth house could be profound writers, painters or spectators. It also signifies creative imagination and spirituality, and often natives could opt for simpler living with no materialism.
  • When allied with Rahu and Saturn or Mars, Venus energies native into different addictions such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or even sex addiction. This malefic placement can indulge natives in prostitution or drug dealing.
  • The native of Venus in the twelfth house finds happiness by being isolated from the world and indulging themselves in the spiritual realms.

Venus in 12th House in Astrology

Venus in 12th House in Astrology

What does 12th House Signify in Astrology?

The 12th House in Astrology is called House of mystery, your hidden talent, your hidden magic, foreign country settlement, losses but, not necessarily loss of money, it could be loss of enemies or health.  12th house is a major player in the careers of fictional writers, as 12th house takes you into a different dreamland, and dimension which is required for a fantasy writer. The 12th House represents the final stage of life and the inevitable death.

The 12th house signifies any loss or expenditure. Positive applications include investments, donations, and getting rid of unwanted things. Negative applications are death, losses, unexpected expenses, theft. 

Physically, the 12th house represents the last portion of the legs, that is, the feet. The 12th house corresponds to Pisces.

What does Venus represent in Astrology?

Venus in Astrology shows the value we put on relationships and how we react to them. The main focus is on romantic relationships. Venus is also about comfort as relationships and love give us that feeling. Further, Venus also represents the convenience of luxurious items like a car, air conditioning, clothing, jewellery, wealth, and beauty inside the home. Since Venus signifies pleasure, it can be any pleasure: sex, art, entertainment, interior decoration, beauty pageants, or anything else related to having fun.

Venus in Astrology represents reproduction. Venus indicates everything, directly and indirectly, related to human reproduction: sex, harmony, comforts, luxury, pleasures, and beauty. The condition of Venus in the horoscope will define one’s ability to experience harmonious and romantic relationships and the level at which one deals with them.

Auspicious Results of Venus in 12th House in Astrology

  • One performs pious deeds.
  • One with Venus in the 12th House will respect elders.
  • One will be enlightened and prosperous.
  • One will not lack wealth and prosperity.
  • One will spend money to buy comforts.
  • One may be skilled at sexual games.
  • One will spend his time in games and be happy.
  • One will have an early marriage.
  • One will have a satisfactory sexual life.
  • One will be endowed with wealth and comforts.
  • Married people of the opposite sex will be captivated by the one who will keep all of them happy.
  • There is no shortage of friends.     
  • One may be inclined towards rearing animals and making gains from this venture.

Venus in 12th House in Vedic Astrology

Inauspicious Results of Venus in 12th House in Astrology

  • One is sinful, ill-behaved, passionate, and quarrelsome.
  • One might eat a lot, be downtrodden, unsympathetic, tainted, harsh, wicked, untruthful, and lack faith and sympathy.
  • One may be weak and ailing in childhood and later on maybe lazy and heavy-bodied.
  • One may be angry, unintelligent, and imprudent.
  • One may be extravagant, and his expenditure may exceed income.
  • One may be inimical to his relatives and love his enemies.
  • One may quarrel with friends and elders.
  • One may have few talents and may oppose friends.
  • One’s talents and fame may be lost.
  • One may sacrifice the path of pious deeds.
  • One may be extremely engrossed and desirous of sexual interaction all the time.
  • One may always be involved in sexual activities.
  • One may have illicit relations with the opposite sex and try to attain worldly happiness secretively.
  • One may even suffer from sexual ailments.
  • One may, on many occasions, leave the spouse and live with some other person.
  • There is a possibility of two marriages.
  • One may have disputes with their spouse.
  • One may be poor.
  • Debt prevails right up to death.     
  • The spouse is quarrelsome.     
  • Swindlers may cause a lot of harm.     
  • One may go to hell after death.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

Venus in 12th House for Various Ascendants in Astrology

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