Rahu in Aries | Effects & Predictions in Astrology

  • Rahu in Aries makes Persons suffer problems in the head.
  • The native having Rahu in Aries will have a wavery type of thinking. These people are daydreamers.
  • Rahu in Aries will give good materialistic benefits and prosperity.
  • Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and is an enemy sign for Rahu.
  • Rahu is an air sign whereas Mars is fire, these people are like fires whose words can burn others.
  • Rahu in Aries makes the person always active to catch an argument. They do not want to lose any opportunity and can even take the wrong steps
  • People born with Rahu in Aries will keep them won-led and make them selfish in meeting their demands/goals.
  • Rahu in Aries (Rahu in Mesha Rashi) will make the person desirous of other people's women and make him a daring personality.
  • These people who have Rahu in Aries will have danger from chemicals, electricity, animals etc.
  • People born with Rahu in Aries (sign number 1 in horoscope) will take birth in a house which is situated in the East part of the Town /City, and the Road /lane in front of their birth house will run from East to West.
  • These people make lots of money and can even run good businesses.
  • They do not trust others and may not like partnership business. These people are very smart.
  • One negative trait about them is they can be easily manipulated by praising.

What does Rahu represent in Vedic Astrology?

Rahu in Vedic Astrology is the Shadow planet with the form of a headless/serpent headed person. Hence, Rahu rules temptations and worldly things and will never be satisfied with small benefits but will opt for the lion's share. Rahu

is a warrior. Hence, the natives influenced by Rahu will have the quarrelling type of mentality. The mode of transport for Rahu in mythology is Lion, and the lion is an animal that does not hunt when not hungry.

Likewise, the natives ruled by Rahu will relax and strike/hunt only when there is a necessity. Rahu is also called dragon's head by Western Astrologers. Rahu loves worldly riches and possession of all material things. Rahu in Vedic Astrology represents where our ambitions are, it’s what we constantly think about.

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