Moon in 11th House for Taurus Ascendant in Astrology

Moon in 11th House for Taurus Ascendant in Astrology

Moon in 11th House for Taurus Ascendant in Astrology

Moon in 11th House for Taurus ascendant is in the sign of Pisces and represents that either the native is the eldest or youngest sibling. The native will earn gains, fame and recognition through communication and media.

Moon in the 11th house is economically and emotionally stable when the native is socializing, dreaming or earning constant wealth. The native attracts motherly figures in his life.

Characteristics of Moon in 11th House for Taurus Ascendant

  • The native will travel a lot in foreign places with his elder sibling, and there will be immense love between them.
  • The native’s communication skills are developed from the influence of elder siblings.
  • The native might become a preacher or mentor in a large organisation or company to escape his own thoughts.
  • The native’s mother will be a source of gain for him, and she might belong to a wealthy family.
  • The native will gain through his younger siblings.
  • The native does not take life or goals seriously, and he will be careless.
  • The native will gain achievements in life by doing simple things such as travelling or writing.
  • If the native’s career is not well, he must go on pilgrimage with his siblings, which will be proven effective in his career.
  • The native likes to communicate in front of large gatherings, especially in foreign places.
  • The native will love to talk about spirituality and motivation.

Moon in 11th House for Taurus Ascendant

Moon in 11th House for Taurus Ascendant

Auspicious Results of Moon in 11th House for Taurus Ascendant

  • The native is labourious and industrious.
  • The native earns sufficient wealth and accumulates it.
  • The native increases wealth by encouraging the support of his elder brothers and sisters.
  • The native speaks sweetly and constantly changes his thoughts.
  • The native gets pleasures and wallows in luxuries.
  • The native is intelligent, learned and farsighted.
  • The native achieves higher education.
  • The native gets happiness and strength through children.
  • The native leads a happy, peaceful and prosperous family life.

Inauspicious Results of Moon in 11th House for Taurus Ascendant

  • The native works hard to get good gains.
  • One may wear dirty clothes, maybe sinful, and may perform lowly deeds.
  • One may be poor and maybe tired.
  • One may appear older than his age.

What does 11th House in Astrology signify?

The 11th House in Astrology shows gains of all kinds, hopes, wishes, power to achieve your desired goal and your source of income. The 10th house shows career, rise & fall in career, but the 11th house shows the big gains you will receive in your life in terms of wealth.

The 11th House in Vedic Astrology represents one’s actions, income and general fulfilment of desires. It also represents the years after the career is over, enjoyment of a pension, having time to spend with friends.

Physically, the 11th house relates to the 3rd part of the legs, the calves, and shins. The 11th house corresponds with Aquarius.

What does Moon represent in Vedic Astrology?

  • Moon in Astrology represents your mother, or motherly figures, your emotional response to your environment, and your imagination since the Moon is your mind.
  • The Moon shows the way a native thinks and reacts to the situation.
  • A good moon in your horoscope or birth chart in astrology will make the following things benefic or auspicious, i.e., your relationship with your mother and your mind will be calm & you will be a creative being.
  • If the moon is unfavourably placed in your horoscope, then it may ruin the relationship with your mother.

What does Taurus Ascendant in Astrology signify?

  • The native born in the Taurus ascendant has the colour of the body as white or wheat.
  • The native has a feminine nature, is sweet-spoken and sweet-hearted.
  • The native is seated in excellent company.
  • The native is impulsive, generous-tempered, religious, virtuous, intelligent, patient, brave-hearted, courageous, extremely talented, and of a very calm nature.
  • According to some scholars, a native born in Taurus ascendant might suffer many kinds of sorrows after his 37 years.

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