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Mercury in 7th House in Astrology

Mercury in 7th House in Astrology

Mercury in the 7th house is the house of marriage; it’s also the house of legal partnership and making contracts or agreements. This house becomes a house of goods and business, communication, intelligence, skill sets, logical mind and creativity.

Mercury in the 7th house makes a person very business-minded, with good communicative skills with the opposite sex and partners in life & business.

Significance of Mercury in 7th House in Astrology

  • Mercury in the seventh house signifies skill sets, communication, intelligence, logical thinking and business of creating goods. The native is foreseen in the business of selling/buying goods, and it could be import-export or a merchant.
  • Mercury in the seventh house is a representation and a signification of business, and thus all merchants, from artists to the one selling mangoes, are included in the business category.
  • The seventh house opens the door for communication qualities, and the native of Mercury in the seventh house could be a legal or professional communicator with extraordinary speech and influencing abilities. The planets work in order to make their life revolve around communication and speaking.
  • The native of Mercury in the seventh house applies intelligence into making contracts such as lawyers and attorneys. Mercury in the seventh house is a house of marriage and legal relationships, so the natives become counsellors or attorneys. This house is also called a courthouse, and usually, most of the wealth is made through the art of business.
  • The native of Mercury in the seventh house finds their partner in the same workplace, and they are very much alike. Although, the intellect and logical mind of the native could make a partnership into a business deal and then it becomes hard to be a romantic person because of involvement in the business. All things may deteriorate suddenly in the personal world, but if there’s the conditioning of other planets, then that changes, but communication is still the key.

Mercury in 7th House in Astrology

What does 7th House Signify in Astrology ?

The 7th House signifies marriage, legal partnership (also includes business partnership) and rules the person’s fame as it is opposite to the 1st house. It also involves sex and sexual relationship with the legal partner. This is also a death inflicting house (Marka House).

Physically, the lower part of the belly is next in line after the small intestines. This includes the large intestines and kidneys, and the 7th house rules these. Libra corresponds to the 7th house.

What does Mercury represent in Astrology ?

Mercury in 7th House makes a person intelligent, because, in order for anyone to have good communication, one needs to be intelligent.

Mercury also represents a native’s business and management skills due to his calculative and logical nature and love for the marketplace.

Mercury in Astrology represents speech. It also governs the logical and intellectual side of the mind, the thinking process that precedes speech, the ability to communicate and anything related to language, whether it’s using symbols, logic, information processing, or connecting with people or things.

Auspicious Results of Mercury in 7th House in Astrology

  • One is good-looking, from a good family, cultured, liberal, religious, long-lived, and knowledgeable about religion.
  • One will be intelligent, beautifully dressed, and will attain fame.
  • One will be scholarly, cultured, and respected by the opposite sex.
  • One will be soft-spoken and cultured.
  • One will be good-humoured and good at art.
  • One will be a writer, a publisher, or a scholar.
  • One will be good at business and will profit in trading.
  • The spouse would belong to a good family.
  • One’s spouse will be attractive, stunning, with eyes like a deer, but one will not have a satisfying relationship due to physical weakness.
  • One’s father-in-law will have many children.
  • One will experience the bliss of a spouse.
  • One will behave according to his wife’s wishes.
  • One will be blessed with a mother.
  • One will have a daughter.
  • One will be prosperous and happy.
  • One will gain through migration.

Mercury in 7th House in Vedic Astrology

Inauspicious Results of Mercury in 7th House in Astrology

  • One’s sexual power may reduce.
  • One may have a roving eye.
  • One may be defeated in debates.
  • One’s writing may create problems for him.
  • One may eat inedible things.
  • There may be some problems related to one’s marriage.
  • One may visit prostitutes.
  • One’s spouse may die.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

Mercury in 7th House for Various Ascendants in Astrology

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