Conjunctions in Astrology

Mars Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Astrology

Mars Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Astrology

Mars Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Astrology

The Mars Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Vedic Astrology, can cause unhappiness with a partner, particularly for a male. While the person may be religious, artistic and seeks intimacy, they feel that they are in control of how to conduct themselves in relationships.

Mars in Astrology: efforts, energy, will power, stamina, strength, passion, fighting ability, impulsivity, accidents, injuries, wounds, sports, athlete, martial arts, weaponry, engineer.

Jupiter in Astrology: knowledge, wisdom, wealth, optimism, hope, law, teachers, education, religious beliefs, and long distance pilgrimage.

Saturn in Astrology: responsibility, organization, structure, delay, separation, grief, life span as in longevity, antique items, old people, chronic illnesses, fear, anxiety, labor work, lower class, lower type jobs, construction.

Mars Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Astrology

  • This is a very action oriented conjunction that can show a professional athlete, construction worker, engineer, or boxer.
  • We have already established the fact that Mars and Saturn create a war zone when they sit together, but having the guidance of Jupiter in the middle of a war can really set the bar of winning.
  • It is similar to having Krishna drive the chariot for you like he did for Arjun in the Mahabharata.
  • The native would have the ability to fight and always be active.
  • Unorganized and impulsive action leading to possibly making poor decisions will now have guidance.
  • The person might still have conflicts and the tendency to go to war, but there would be an element of organization and planning as to how the war would be fought.
  • Jupiter can still be harmed even though it is the largest planet in the solar system guiding Saturn and Mars.
  • This is called the “hemming of a planet.”
  • When a benefic planet like Jupiter is sitting with two malefic planets, or two malefic planets are on either side, then the planet is being hemmed, as in being pressured by both sides.
  • If Jupiter has the highest degree and is sitting in a fire sign or earth sign, then Jupiter would be greatly affected along with the things he signifies like children, marriage, wealth and prosperity.
  • The person would always fight to make ends meet.
  • They would have to struggle to gain happiness and a good family life.
  • However, if Jupiter is exalted, or in its own sign of Sagittarius, then the war is being fought on Jupiter’s home court.
  • Jupiter will have far greater strength to control and protect himself.
  • If Jupiter has the highest degree, he would withstand the blows being thrown by Mars and Saturn’s war.
  • If Jupiter contains the lowest degree, then the native would apply the art of war to their benefit and will go into battle prepared, whether stepping into a boxing ring, corporate environment, or being a mechanical engineer.
  • Jupiter having the lowest degree in a strong sign could show someone who is a technical professor or teacher in the areas of physics and engineering.
  • Most athletes have Jupiter, Mars, or Saturn in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 10th House, as all three are great karakas of sports.
  • This conjunction can also include policemen, or a member of the military who has tremendous knowledge of warfare

What is Saturn in Astrology?

  • Saturn in Astrology represents grief, symbolic of how we relate to time.
  • When time seems to pass too slowly, we experience grief.
  • The condition of Saturn in the chart shows how permanent, eternal, and synchronized our connection with the light of consciousness is, being with us at even the most challenging times.
  • A well placed Saturn shows the person knows when to go slow and when to go fast, to always let this light be there for them.
  • By acknowledging the limits of where light can go in our relative existence, we can still maintain the experience of beings of light.
  • A challenging Saturn will allow the person to stray off-limits, where no light can reach and suffering prevails.
  • Without Saturn being bright, the person may wonder if things will ever be okay again.
  • Saturn in Vedic Astrology represents your uncle, the type of boss you’ll have, your good and bad deeds in this life or the past, how hard will you work, your true career and wealth, your level of maturity, and aspects of your life that might be restricted for at least 50% of the time.
  • Even though Saturn in Vedic Astrology limits your ability of certain aspects of your life depending upon the sign and house its ruling, it usually frees you up from its aftermath after the age of 35 per Vedic astrology.
  • Saturn is limitation, restriction, discipline, structure, order, law, obstacles, delay, focus, and separation.
  • Saturn is the General of the Army.

What is Mars in Astrology?

  • Mars is a soldier who stands for his beliefs. Wherever it is placed in your horoscope, you stand for those beliefs, and that’s where your energy goes.
  • Mars is energy. It’s our will power and vitality. Mars represents our ability to take action towards something.
  • It also represents the anger we carry within us, as a soldier needs to have a certain level of anger within him to fight and win the battle.
  • In this day and age, Mars represents policemen, soldiers, athletes, warlords, arms dealers, and fighters, along with manufacturing, accidents, injuries, and dealing with explosives.
  • Mars also represents male friends and the Sun represents royalty, so these people can be in contact with friends  who are of a higher status in society, perhaps sons of politicians and celebrities.

What is Jupiter in Astrology?

  • Since the father is the first teacher for a child, Jupiter automatically becomes the teaching and preaching of fathers and father figures.
  • Jupiter also represents our belief system and our ability to follow the law.
  • Jupiter is the lawyer in astrology; he writes the law and either makes the person follow it or resent it depending upon its condition.
  • Jupiter also represents a husband in a female’s chart. Mars is not the husband, Mars represents male friends.
  • Jupiter is the guiding force in every woman’s life.
  • He is also wisdom.
  • We learn from our teachers, whether its Nazi theology, Christian theology or Vedic theology. The source of wisdom and belief is controlled by Jupiter in our chart.
  • Our higher learning is dependent upon Jupiter, from basic education to a Master’s degree and PhD.
  • It represents the rituals of our culture, our traditions, and ability to follow them.
  • Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system, which is why it represents the expansion of things related to where Jupiter sits in your horoscope.
  • Now whether that expansion will be positive or negative, early or late, depends upon other factors and planets.
  • Whenever Jupiter is in the ascendant, 5th House and 9th House, it shows a person is capable of learning several languages.
  • Jupiter in jyotish is also an indicator of wealth, finance, children, luck, travel, and gains in life.
  • It is pretty much the karaka of the 2nd, 5th, 9 th , and 11th House in a horoscope.
  • This is why Jupiter is one of the most important planets after the Moon.
  • Jupiter is the source of optimism in astrology.

What are Conjunctions in Astrology?

Conjunction simply means union of planets. In any birth chart, when two or more planets are sitting in the same house, they are considered in conjunction. There are all types of conjunctions: loose conjunctions, exact conjunctions, close conjunctions and virtual conjunctions.

What does a conjunction really do in an astrological birth chart? They give meaning to your life and set a purpose. They either take away things or give you things. There are positive and negative effects of conjunction. Positive effects are known as yogas and negative effects are known as doshas.

Planets are simply energies, and when two different types of energy come together, they create a new type of energy or a mutant energy. The new type of energy brings a situation in your life that fulfills the destiny of that conjunction.

Note for 3 Planetary Conjunctions:

There is no one set of meanings for three or more planetary conjunctions, because each planet is being influenced by the other planet, and the planet with the lowest degree is having a major impact on the conjunction.

If Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in conjunction, then there is no one liner that you can say to give its definition. You have to see what each planet is doing for the native.

You also have to know the houses they rule. Is one ruling a bad house, or are both ruling bad houses? What effects are they bringing in the conjunction by being lords of good or bad houses?

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