Nakshatras in Astrology

Magha Nakshatra in Astrology | Characteristics, Padas & Remedies

Magha’s literal meaning is power, wealth, or gift. Therefore, Magha means powerful or wealthy. Magha Nakshatra in astrology is one of the Adhomukhi Nakshatras (or the Nakshatras, which have their mouths downwards). In these Nakshatras, things related to tanks, wells, temples, mining, digging, etc., can be auspiciously begun and performed.

Symbol: A Mansion

The symbol of Magha Nakshatra is the mansion. This is an indication of the growth of the baby’s body in the womb. It also indicates a crop’s growth because the 90-day rice crop can be cut during this period.

Deity: The Pithar
The deity for Magha Nakshatra is Pithara or ancestors. Pithara is the father of the forefathers. Interestingly, Magha Nakshathra falls in Leo (Simha) Rashi and the owner of Simha is the Sun. Sun is also an indicator of a father.

Range 120 – 133⁰ 20”
Rashi Leo (Simha)
Yogathara Regulus or Alpha Leonis
Apparent Magnitude 1.35
Latitude +0⁰ 27” 53
Longitude 125⁰ 58” 21’
Right ascension  10h 8m 6.3s
Declination +11⁰ 59” 30’

Characteristics of Magha Nakshatra in Astrology

  • The animal symbol of Magha Nakshatra is a male rat.
  • The yoni animal of this Nakshatra, a male rat, is representative of lovemaking.
  • Magha Nakshatra is considered a regal royal Nakshatra because it represents ancestors.
  • Without sex and sexual intercourse, we would not have ancestors. Whether it’s Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda or B. Lahiri Mahasaya, they all came through sex.
  • This is one of the main reasons why a male rat represents Magha.
  • Male rats are the most sexual animals out there. They reproduce at a rapid speed.
  • A female rat can have sex 500 times in 6 hours, which is another story for Purva Phalguni Nakshatra.
  • Male rats can even die having sex because they have no control over their sexual drive and can run themselves dry.
  • Based on an individual horoscope, a Magha native can be a sex maniac, a simple man, a yogi or a rock star, but they have one thing planted in their DNA, which is to re-produce.
  • Yogananda was a Magha ascendant, but he was a celibate monk.
  • If this Nakshatra is understood in a deeper sense, It would be understandable that from the moment he stepped onto United States soil, and till today, he has millions and millions of followers, devotees and students, which are like children to him.
  • It wasn’t the physical interaction that gave him so many children; it was the spiritual intercourse of his soul into our mind that made millions of us his children.
  • Magha natives love having a large family to come home to, love family gatherings, lavish food and a real home environment.
  • The male rats wants to see their children thriving inside the lion’s den.
  • The bird of Magha is the eagle. The reason why this bird has been assigned to this Nakshatra is due to its foresight.
  • Eagle can see its prey 3 miles away, and it sets a target on its food and grabs it without ever giving any indication of its arrival.
  • Magha natives see their lives through & through.
  • From the very beginning, they know what they want to achieve and become.
  • When they set a goal, it’s not for short term, it’s a goal that is 20 years ahead in time.
  • Magha is also connected with ancestral land and growing crops on that land to feed the future generation. Thus, most Magha dominant people love getting involved in real estate business, or are extremely adamant about attaining their own property.
  • Magha natives usually get their ancestral property in their name or somehow always have to deal with parental property issues, but some can even lose.
  • The story of Magha is about honouring our Pitris (ancestors), especially during no Moon day or new Moon day every month.
  • We should honour our ancestors with food, sweets and prayers, which will help us to find food, shelter and clothing in the Pitri Loka, where we will eventually go after this life and stay with our ancestors.
  • The symbol of Magha is a room with a royal throne.
  • This symbol is for you. You are the next generation to sit on that throne and do the rightful duty, which your ancestors want you to perform in the world.
  • It can be noticed that most Magha natives love to sit on an executive chair with a high back and nice cherry leather.
  • It feels like a throne, a kingly throne, from where you are able to perform duty.
  • There are good and bad people sitting on such chairs, but their purpose as Magha natives is always to do good for people, family and children.
  • Even the head of the mafia loves and dies for their family and children.
  • They want to make sure they inculcate good qualities in them, send them to good schools and have them married into a good family.
  • Whenever Magha natives sit on a powerful chair, they start to become responsible for their circumstances.

Attributes of Magha Nakshatra in Astrology

  • Spread from 0’00” degree to 13’20” Leo (Simha).
  • Magha affects the virtues and vices of the father’s family, wealth, glory, beauty, strength and prowess, lustre and effulgence, superior qualities, the sharpness of intellect, nobility, prestige, replenishment, increased wisdom, brilliance, capacity, and willingness to donate.
  • Ravi in Ashwini Nakshatra is brilliant, no doubt, but the brilliancy incendiary. It burns everything about it.
  • Surya is then a terrible ball of fire. But in Magha, Ravi is like an emperor, confident and self-assured. If happy and pleased, he is in a mood to make any benediction or gift.
  • When Ravi is in Magha, Shani gets alarmed, which is natural. By character, Shani is of a mean disposition, the nature of a slave, and Shani cannot brook the beauty and the dignity of Ravi’s position in Magha.
  • This is why Shani is “neecha” and anti-meridional in Ashwini, and the meanness and wiliness of Shani increases.
  • If Shani is the Lord of the 9th and 10th houses, is placed in the 4th house, and is associated with Magha, he adversely influences the 4th and 10th houses’ effects.
  • Magha is the cause of brightness and light. Therefore, old and gloomy Grahas cannot stand it. Magha stands for noble impulses and incentives; the gift of Magha must always be a noble one.
  • Magha has been described as a glorious one. Anthropomorphically it is the nose of Kalpurusha.

Description of Magha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Treatise

  • According to Hora Sara: If Magha is one’s birth Nakshatra, one will be wise, modest, have many people to serve him, enjoy luxuries, respect Gods and his father, and be very industrious.
  • According to Jataka Parijata: If a native is born under the star Magha, i.e., when the Moon is in that asterism, he will be lustful but devoted to virtue, indulgent to his wife, proud and wealthy.
  • According to Sage Narada:: The native born in Magha will be stout-bodied, with prominent cheeks and protruding abdomen. He will be irascible, an orator, very patient in disposition, will honour Gods and preceptors, and be radiant.
  • According to Brihat Samhita: A person whose birth takes place under the star Magha will be very rich and will have many servants, will enjoy pleasures, worship the Gods and the manes, and be very industrious.

Magha Nakshatra Pada Description

Magha Nakshatra 1st Pada:

  • 1st Pada of Magha Nakshatra is ruled by Aries (Governed by Mars).
  • The native born in the first pada of Magha Nakshatra will be ambitious, energetic, competitive, willful, aggressive, hard-working, pushing limits, doing whatever it takes, masculine, drawn to the military, and be a sports athlete or a soldier.
  • Those born in the first pada of Magha Nakshatra like to be alone, suffer from ear diseases, talk much, be cruel, deceive, hate others, and always be sick.

Magha Nakshatra 2nd Pada:

  • 2nd Pada of Magha Nakshatra is ruled by Taurus (Governed by Venus in Astrology).
  • The native born in the second pada of Magha Nakshatra is a slow starter, struggles early in life, has an underdeveloped ego and sense of self when young, balanced in leadership qualities, possess egotistical traits and knows when to act and when to be aggressive.
  • Those born in the second pada of Magha Nakshatra are long-lived, wealthy, endowed with many children, have perfectly proportioned bodies, and are respected in their relatives’ circle.

Magha Nakshatra 3rd Pada:

  • 3rd Pada of Magha Nakshatra is ruled by Gemini (Governed by Mercury).
  • The natives born in the third pada of Magha Nakshatra are mentally driven, cunning, intelligent, educated, social, good with languages, speakers and listeners, natural writers and readers, and egotistical in speech.
  • Those born in the third pada of Magha Nakshatra are learned, wise, experts, truthful, knowledgeable, endowed with many children. They are always happy, sexy, experts in all arts and famous.

Magha Nakshatra 4th Pada:

  • 4th Pada of Magha Nakshatra is ruled by Cancer (Governed by Moon).
  • The natives born in the fourth pada of Magha Nakshatra are emotional, caring, motherly, nurturing, have creative aspirations, are family-driven, prideful and loyal of loved ones, lover of country and homeland, caring about seniors and older people.
  • Those born in the fourth pada of Magha Nakshatra support Gods and Brahmins, are capable administrators, wealthy and carry out good works.

Sun’s Ingress (Aug 16th – Aug 29th) for Magha Nakshatra

  • Sun enters Magha Nakshathra on Aug 16th and stays there till Aug 29th. If you are born during this period, your Sun is in Magha Nakshatra.
  • Shree Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born during this period.
  • Lord Krishna had Sun in Magha Nakshatra and Moon in Rohini Nakshatra. Moon is exalted in Taurus, and Leo is in its own house for the Sun.
  • Lord Krishna was born at midnight. This means he was born on Taurus (Vrishabha) Lagna with the Moon in the ascendant.

Tree of Magha: Vata

  • Vata, Nyagrodha, Ficus Benghalensis or Banyan tree is a tree for Magha Nakshatra.
  • During this period, i.e. in the third month, Pusavan Savskara is performed.
  • Pusavan means the desire for a baby. During this, Savskara banyan leaf extract is placed into pregnant women’s nostrils.
  • The banyan tree effectively treats wounds, skin diseases, eye diseases, diabetes, diarrhoea, and leucorrhoea or white discharge.
  • There will be a water current if the Banyan, Umbara, and Palasha trees grow together.

Applications of Vata

  • Vata is used to treat anxiety, depression, and fatigue.
  • It improves blood circulation, is a tonic for nerves, and is effective in numbness.
  • It boosts immunity in children.
  • It is effective in sexual disorders.
  • It helps to reduce muscle pain.
  • It helps to increase testosterone levels and improve female libido.

Astronomical Information of Magha Nakshatra

  • Almost all astronomers agree that Yogathara of Magha is Regulus or Alpha Leonis.
  • Regulus is the brightest star in Leo. It is close to the heart of Leo.
  • It is a multiple star system composed of 4 stars in 2 pairs. It is 0.47 degrees from the ecliptic and is regularly occulted by the Moon.
  • It rotates at the speed of 1.1 million kilometers/ hour at its equator.
  • It is a white-blue star and considered a scorching star.
  • It’s hotter at its poles than its equator.

Magha Nakshatra Compatibility in Astrology

Sign (Rashi) compatibility of Magha Nakshatra Bride

Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Rashi compatibility of Magha Nakshatra Groom

Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

Compatibility Factors of Ashwini Nakshatra

  • Nadi: Aanthya or last.
  • Gana (Nature): Rakshasa or daemon.
  • Yoni (Animal Symbol): Mooshak or mouse.
  • Result of wearing new clothes on Magha Nakshatra: Illness.
  • Result of first menses on Magha Nakshatra: Liked by others, romantic, respected, likes to be at father’s home, troubled by diseases.
  • Result of performing Shraddha on Magha Nakshatra: Help from family.
  • Beneficial activities on Magha Nakshatra: Digging a well or a borewell, plowing and sawing seeds.
  • Beneficial savskara or ceremonies on Magha Nakshatra: Wedding.

Remedies of Magha Nakshatra

  • One of the best remedies for Magha is to do Pitri Tarpan on Amavasya or new Moon day.
  • This is the day when Pitris (our ancestors) energy is fully active and ready to bless us.
  • The ritual requires feeding vegetarian food via the help of a Hindu priest, but regardless of your religion, just make some food and have a priest, rabbi, imam, monk bless it and feed it to birds.
  • The other remedy for Magha is to sit on a high back chair like an executive chair, which makes you feel like the CEO of a company or the President.
  • Sitting on such chairs will remind you of your duty into this world and to be the one to take the torch of your ancestors and move it forward.
  • Having a brass eagle in the southwest and northwest direction of the house is also very beneficial for Magha natives, especially when you are going through the dasha of the planet, which is in Magha.
Feed Meat
Donate Jaggery and salt
Vratham Shradha, Avidhava Navami, Sarvapithri Amavasya, Bharani Shraddha, Tharpan
Vedic Sooktham Pithru Sooktham

Remedies for Magha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Quality of Magha Nakshatra

  • Magha is known to be an ugra Nakshatra, which is best for funeral rights, going to war, causing destruction, learning about death, searching for paranormal and ghostly things, anything to scare someone, tantric fire rituals, and funeral home or where dead rest.
  • In this Nakshatra, one should also honour their ancestor known as Pitri pooja, especially when no Moon occurs on this day.

Caste of Magha Nakshatra

  • The caste of this Nakshatra is the “worker”, which translates into a workaholic.
  • Magha natives are the masculine types, regardless of gender.
  • They want to take charge and ensure that the desire and idea they have within them must be implemented into practical work.
  • Magha natives feel they need to fulfil something from their past somehow or to raise the family name by attaining the most widespread success, sometimes it’s material and sometimes its spiritual.
  • They become masters of powerful hustle.

Sound of Magha Nakshatra

  • Maa- pada 1, Mee- pada 2, Moo- pada 3, May- pada 4, sound has an extremely important role to play with Nakshatra.
  • Everything we do, say, buy, wear, drive has a name attached to it known as a brand.
  • One must look at their chart with an accurate time of birth and see where the Nakshatra of Magha is in his chart, which means where is the sign of Leo.
  • If someone is a Gemini ascendant, then the 3rd house would be Leo; when using such brands or names that start with such sounds would be beneficial for travel, communication, sales, marketing, self-efforts and performing arts.

Summary of Magha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Dasha Ruler Ketu
Symbol A royal throne room
Deity The Pitras (one’s family ancestors)
Rulership People rich in gold (money), and corn, granaries, mountaineers, those who are devoted to parents or the manes, traders, heroes, carnivorous beings and women-haters.
Moon in Magha The native will have many servants and wealth, enjoys the senses, is devoted to the devas and ancestors and is very enthusiastic.
Activity Active
Caste Shudra
Direction Downward
Gender Female
Nadi Kapha
Nature Ugra (fierce)
Quality Tamasic
Yoni Rat
Specie Rakshasa
Tattva Water
Purusharth Artha or finance
Profile Businesspeople

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Special about Magha Nakshatra?

Magha is known to be an ugra nakshatra which is best for funeral rights, going to war, causing destruction, learning about death, searching for paranormal and ghostly things, anything to scare someone, tantric fire rituals and funeral homes or where dead rest.

Which Rashi is Magha Nakshatra?


Who is the Lord of Magha Nakshatra?


Who is the Deity of Magha Nakshatra?

Pitris (Ancestors)

What is the Symbol of Magha Nakshatra?

Royal throne, Palanquin

What is the Gana of Magha Nakshatra?

Rakshasa (Demon)

What is the Quality of Magha Nakshatra?

Ugra (Fierce)

What is the Caste of Magha Nakshatra?

Shudra (Worker)

What is the Animal of Magha Nakshatra?

Male Rat

What is the Bird of Magha Nakshatra?

Male Eagle

What is the Tree of Magha Nakshatra?

Banyan Tree

What are the Initials of Magha Nakshatra?

Maa, Mee, Moo, May

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