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Lord of 3rd House in 10th House in Astrology (3rd House Lord in 10th House)

Lord of 3rd House in 10th House

Lord of 3rd House in 10th House or 3rd House Lord in 10th House in Astrology makes them a self-made individual who puts a great effort into creating their career and reputation. They are easily motivated to promote their skills when called on. Their chosen job is likely to be connected to their manual dexterity, artistic talent, or even courage. There is a possibility that they get tempted to use secret measures to enhance their status and career.

What does the 3rd House in Astrology Signify?

  • The Third House represents the interaction with siblings and is an integral part of the early life experience (before school years).
  • It is a beautiful journey of exploration and discovery, learning to communicate, and building up strength and independence.
  • Physically, the following parts of the body are the shoulders and arms. The significance of arms and hands also brings in manual dexterity.
  • The correspondence with Mithuna (Gemini) adds communication.

What does the 10th House in Astrology Signify?

  • The tenth house represents the working years, the time of life one is fully productive and career-oriented.
  • The 10th house represents the source of livelihood, the everyday work we do. It is the most active house and is generally connected with how we do things and the outside world labels us.
  • The 10th house corresponds to the 2nd part of the legs, the knees. Capricorn corresponds to the 10th house. Saturn, its ruler, signifies routine work, and the movable property adds to the playful nature of the 10th.
  • The element of Earth ties the 10th house down to primarily physical and worldly matters.

Description of Lord of 3rd House in 10th House in Vedic Astrology:

  • Parashara Hora: The native will have all kinds of happiness and self-made wealth and be interested in nurturing wicked females.
  • Satya Jatakam: With a Shubha Yoga, his brothers will thrive in business and have ranks and high status in society. They will help the native in his company. If there is an Ashubha Yoga, the effects will be reversed.
  • Sanketa Nidhi: Happiness through various sources, wealthy, intelligent, hard-hearted wife.
  • Their communication skills, writing skills and speaking skills are very professional.
  • They communicate and write for the government.
  • They gain fame through writing and communication.
  • They write in a very professional firm.
  • They can be a professional actor.
  • They can do art using their fingers like painting and knitting and many more.
  • Their siblings are very professional.
  • They have transformative relationships with their siblings.

What is meant by Sign Lord or Sign Lordship in Astrology?

  • The Sign lordships of the Planets play a vital role in interpreting the birth chart, and it is essential to understand its principles thoroughly.
  • We have seen that each sign has a planetary ruler. We have also seen that each signal corresponds to a house. Whatever is the sign’s ruler becomes the ruler of the corresponding place.
  • The ruler of the house fully represents the house. Wherever the house ruler is placed, it will cause an effect according to the nature of the one or two houses it rules.
  • Even though the ruler fully represents the house, the way the influence is delivered varies greatly depending on the Planets.

If the Sun is sitting in the 10th house as the lord of the 3rd house:

  • Fathers very much influence their communication.
  • They use their communication skills for the government.
  • Their father might be doing paperwork for the government.
  • They are extroverts and leaders.

If the Moon is sitting in the 10th house as the lord of the 3rd house:

  • They are very intuitive writers.
  • They can be professional healers and nurses.
  • They have psychic abilities.
  • They nourish people of their workplace.

If mercury is sitting in the 10th house as the lord of the 3rd house:

  • They are brilliant writers who get a lot of fame in the mahadasha of mercury.
  • They are great public speakers.
  • They are a great businessman.
  • They can be famous actors.

If Venus is sitting in the 10th house as the lord of the 3rd house:

  • They are performing artists.
  • They can be in restaurant management and fashion management.
  • They are creative leaders in society.

If Mars is sitting in the 10th house as the lord of the 3rd house:

  • They can be in the manufacturing of weapons.
  • They are leaders in the medical industry.

If Jupiter is sitting in the 10th house as the lord of the 3rd house:

  • Their communication is expressed through teaching.
  • They are professors in high school.

If Saturn is sitting in the 10th house as the lord of the 3rd house:

  • They might be working in a factory.
  • Their communication style is very calm and very straightforward.
  • They take a long time to communicate.

Lord of 3rd House (3rd House Lord) in Different houses:

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