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Cancer Sign in Astrology | Kark Rashi Characteristics, Strengths, Weakness & Common Myths

Cancer Sign in Astrology

A water sign at its core, the natives of Cancer sign are emotional people. Natives with Kark Rashi are soft-hearted individuals who have instincts like a mother. The first water sign in the zodiac, they are the ones one goes to when they have a terrible day and require a shoulder to cry on. They are natural caregivers who provide emotional security to people. They have a go-getter personality who always plan ahead for the long run. They are artistic and creative in their way. They have an ambitious approach to this creativity which is unique to find.

Characteristics of Cancer Sign or Kark Rashi in Astrology

  • Nurturing, sensitive, sympathetic, self-protective, security-seeking and providing, loving, and demonstrating a silly, ingratiating sense of humour are all characteristics of the sun in Cancer.
  • Kark Rashi has a reputation for being an emotionally charged, family-oriented, and sensitive zodiac sign. The natives of this sign may appear haughty if you meet them.
  •  One must know someone timid and reserved, someone they believe may be feeling unwelcome superior to them, yet this isn’t true since they’re only attempting to protect themselves.
  • They have the impression that they do not want to be out there. The water sign can’t help, but the natives of this sign put their emotions on their sleeve, as seen by their flirting.
  • They’re overflowing with love to offer, and they’ve probably fantasised about their perfect mate — and, by implication, home life — since infancy.
  • Their happy place is at home; thus, nothing is more romantic than meeting someone who fits in well with their family.

Strengths of Cancer Zodiac Sign in Astrology

  • One can count on the Cancers in their life to offer a shoulder to cry on. They are compassionate, often sweet, always deeply feeling, and capable of cracking up their inner circle with their offbeat or goofy sense of humour.
  • The zodiac’s strengths are care packages, romantic emojis-peppered letters, and warm-hearted discussions over a hot mug of chamomile tea.
  • They are kind of old school at romance. They’re the obvious match for that street food crawl, the pal who won’t question a spontaneous tirade about that eighth-grade infatuation, or the considerate, emotionally present partner one can count on for unending cuddles and an endless stream of sweet words.

Weaknesses of Cancer Zodiac Sign in Astrology

  • When pushed the wrong way in a particularly sensitive, agitated condition, Cancer’s profound connection to their emotions has a bad side, which tends to be irritable and snappy.
  • They get frustrated and irritated if someone tries to test their patience. They’ll withdraw into their shell whether they’re worked up or drowning in their emotions, frequently due to feeling that their giving nature has been exploited.
  • They could utter a harsh comment before putting their phone on ‘do not disturb’ and ruminating.
  • A chance to relax, regroup, and perhaps even contemplate a little before returning their loving heart to everyone they come into contact with is the cure for Cancer’s most foul mood.

Common Myths about Cancer Sign in Astrology

  • Cancerians have a tendency to be too emotional- Cancerians aren’t known for crying a lot in public. They can only cry in front of someone they are entirely at ease with. They are afraid that these individuals will be able to regulate their emotions and not weep in any circumstance.
  • They are considered weak- We as a society need to start a petition to make people understand that being vulnerable and sensitive is not a sign of weakness! The same goes for this sign; they are not weaklings because they can deal with anything with their tough spirits.
  • They are shy and introverted – People have a misconception that this sign is shy and under-confident about themselves. But if one knows a Cancerian, one knows that they are very comfortable in their skin, believe in self-sufficiency, and are highly motivated to do things independently.
  • They are irritable- The moon is the ruler of the Cancer zodiac sign. As a result, they are temperamental and unpredictable. They will be alright if people give them their undivided attention.

So, if one wants to be with a person who gives them homely vibes and takes care of them, this is a perfect zodiac for that. They can be emotional people who would expect the same from people around them when they are close to them. Symbolised by a crab, they are like crabs; they bite when agitated and poked.

Anyone seeking to establish a future with the Crab should make friends with their loved ones and appreciate the modest pleasures of life that may be experienced from the comfort of one’s own home. They will go to any extent for the people they love and provide a homely and comfortable environment. They need to be around people that match their energies to do that.

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